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Happiness At Home: A podcast special episode

my mantelpiece is a collection of family souvenirs and happy memories
Now this might be quite a timely - if long - post. We planned to focus on happiness at home for this episode of the podcast several weeks ago (well before all this) but it turns out that this might be just the thing for now. So today on The Great Indoors, Sophie and I

Colour Psychology for Interiors

Kate Watson-Smyth take a look back at the colour psychology course she attended hosted by Sophie Robinson and Fiona Humberstone. Sophie's former Brighton open-plan apartment was an eclectic mix of colours, patterns and styles. #openplan #sophierobinson #madaboutthehouse
Following on from yesterday's post about how we react emotionally to colour I thought I would look back to the time I did Sophie Robinson's colour course. I found it completely fascinating and bang on and while I don't think she is running this exact course any more she has recently launched an online course

Monday Inspiration: How We React Emotionally To Colour

Journalist Kate Watson-Smyth looks at living with calming colours and how we react to them. A bold floral mural wallpaper has a calming and restful palette of green and pink is combined with an unexpected yellow cabinet for a modern touch. #madaboutthehouse #surfaceview #muralwallpaper
My colour psychology series has been one of the most popular on the blog over the last few years and as I'm still running through the spectrum I thought it would be timely to share this post with you again that talks about our emotional reaction to colour and if you like this then come