Wood Shelves with Leather Straps

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These simple wooden shelves with tan leather straps are just so simple and so stylish. I wrote about something similar last year but they were made in Australia and while the company that made them did ship to the UK, it’s quite a big deal to ship something from that far away (not least because of the import taxes) so I was thrilled to find them in the UK at last.

They’re stocked by Holly’s House and come in two lengths, either 120cm long, 30cm deep and 45cm high or 60cm long, 20wide and 27 deep – that’s the length of the straps by the way so you can plan how many you can fit on your wall. They cost £45 or £70.

I love the idea of having them in a kitchen with mugs or glasses on, but they would also be great either side of a bed with an industrial lamp clipped onto them and a few books or magazines. Using a shelf instead of a table by the bed is a great space saver. You could put one long one or two shorter ones over the bed (above headboard height if you have one) with a lamp on either end and everything else in the middle.


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