10 Beautiful Rooms

One of my favourite collections of rooms so far this year.

green walls via elle decoration uk
green walls via elle decoration uk

Diving into an unusual colour combination this week but one that is about to gain momentum I feel. First up are these two gorgeous rooms which featured in Elle Decoration UK. One in last month’s edition and one in this month. Both feature this rather fabulous shade of green which I flagged up a couple of weeks ago as being similar to either Benjamin Moore’s Tarrytown or Farrow & Ball Green Smoke.


Beware choosing colours online though as this image below is apparently Studio Green, one of the new colours flagged up for this Spring by Farrow & Ball from their existing collection. It’s a gorgeous dark, dark, dark green that is almost black. I know this because I tested it for my bathroom and, in the end, we decided it was too dark for a bathroom. In the room below, I suspect a little editing to make the rest of the room show up. If you want a greeny black test Studio Green. If you want a greeny grey try the aforementioned Green Smoke.

farrow and ball studio green
farrow and ball studio green via the home of Marion Reynolds

I know it’s boring but you just can’t tell from a computer. It all depends on the play of light and the intensity of the light – is it a cool blue northern glow or the warm yellow coming from the south both of which will have a very different effect on the colours you are choosing – especially if it’s grey.


Moving from shades of grey to shades of pink. I would never have thought of having a tinted glass room divider and suddenly it seems like a really good idea. This was done by a Finnish company and I’m looking at my shower screens and wondering….

tinted glass partition via
tinted glass partition via

Blush pink is lovely with brass as it’s always so warm and elegant. Remember to throw in some black accents to stop it looking too sugary and it’s a timeless look.

brass table and blush sofa seen at Milan Salone by Kelly Schandel of
brass table and blush sofa seen at Milan Salone by Kelly Schandel of

We couldn’t leave without a little bit of dark grey and this is Flint by Devol but you could be forgiven for thinking that it was a dark greeny grey colour which would be fantastic for a kitchen as the green would bring some warmth to the shade. Some people find that Down Pipe can be quite green. I have a lot of it in my house, and in my sitting room it does occasionally take on a greenish hint – south facing room – but in my bathroom -north-facing – never, so you can see why you need to test colours on your own walls.

bloomsbury kitchen in flint by devol
bloomsbury kitchen in flint by devol

More blush and brass in this restaurant in King’s Cross belonging to the Australian chef Bill Granger. I went there last week and remarked to the waiter how much I loved the brass pepper mill and that I might steal it. He clearly took me seriously as about halfway through lunch my dining companion noted that every table had a pepper mill except ours. It had been removed by our vigilant waiter. I still don’t know if I am amused or offended.

granger and co at kings cross

We’re finishing up with two images from the newly opened Devol showroom in Clerkenwell. A pink and green kitchen. Who’d a thought it? Who would think it? I love it as it fits with my ethos of rooms not looking like they were purpose-built but like you happened upon them in that state. This has that feel and it is very beautiful although I don’t know how much take-up there will be of this actual colour scheme.

10. deVOL's St John's Square Showroom

I think everyone will be afraid to try it because they will be afraid they will get bored of it. Look again though and the kitchen is green – you could try grey – and it’s only the walls which are pink. Something that is relatively easy to change if, indeed, you do get bored. I wonder….. I think it’s a stunning combination – what do you think?

2. deVOL's St John's Square Showroom



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  1. These rooms are so inspiring! I love this dark green, I’ve just bought a piece of furniture for my bathroom with the same colour, but unfortunately the result is not the same… I’ll try to change others furniture, maybe curtains too. Thanks for your post!

  2. These truly are 10 beautiful rooms – and all very inspiring. It’s great to see all the different spaces you can create and be inspired by by ways you can update your own house. There’s a common theme amongst these rooms, which is minimalism. Even though some spaces having bolder choices in colours or tiles on the walls, the furniture remains quite simple and timeless.

  3. Just doing up my kitchen in dark grey, blush pink (the counter top is a lovely pink and grey granite top) and brass. I hope it all comes together when it is done. Love the combination. 🙂

    1. Shruti

      Please, please post pictures when it’s done: it sounds wonderful.

      Which granite are you using, if you don’t mind me asking?


      1. Hi Denise
        Its not in the UK unfortunately. It is in India. The granite is called Shiva Pink and it is grey streaks with huge pink splotches. Does not sound very inspiring but it looks fab. Not sure if I can post pics on here?

  4. Always love your interesting posts Kate however…so sorry but the pink in the last two pics just remind me of smelly Germoline….must be my age.

  5. I love the green/pink combination. It does inspire strong views though. Our bathroom has green tiles and the iron bathtub is painted in F&B Brinjal (which is aubergine, I know, but it is a similar idea). Visitors either love it or hate it. After he picked up the paint our builder rang me pleading with me to, you know, paint the bath white or something. Every time I look at it I am so glad I didn’t.

  6. These are all fabulous rooms, Kate, seeing them is a treat and a great way to start the week. Thank you and cheers, Ardith

  7. Yes, I love the kitchen (despite my irrational fear of green that still haunts me due to the colour of my school uniform!).

  8. I absolutely loved the green in the living room photo (elle decoration) also love the leather sofa and chair – Ive seen a similar sofa in John Lewis which in thinking of buying – any idea where to get a similar leather chair from? Thanks

  9. I love the green and pink kitchen! It is what I was thinking of doing although on a more modest scale.

  10. I rather like the green/pink combo- we are doing similar in our bedroom….Farrow and Ball Inchyra blue on walls ( which looks more green in our room I think) and we’ve had floorboards made out of birch plywood which we’ve painted in Farrow and Ball Peignoir….. I’ve never been a pink fan. But the new blush pinks/grey pinks are lovely and I especially loved the pink kitchen you featured recently. The new trend for painted walls/skirting/doors and picture rails the same colour is also one I’ve taken to as well…our living room area looks great in Purbeck stone especially with cupboards and shelves the same colour too- definitely a more modern look…

  11. Finally getting some drawings done for our house renovations and I’ve literally been dreaming about our crittal internal screen we intend to use BUT that tinted glass has just stopped me in my tracks ! It is gorgeous ….. I’m now a bit of a blur…..

  12. Loved this post, having spent the weekend moodboarding these colours. I’m actually incredibly tempted by the Devol colour scheme for our new kitchen – hoping to go see it in person next weekend (and then to persuade the husband…)

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