Bathroom Pendant Lights

bathroom pendant light from jim lawrence
bathroom pendant light from jim lawrence

Wouldn’t these be just dreamy in the bathroom? Regular readers (or those who joined more than a few weeks ago) will remember I ran a series on How to Get the Lighting Right which focused on each room in the house. When it came to the bathroom the rules were complicated. Mainly because of the old elf and safety bugbears.

But if you have a browse of the post on How to Get the Lighting Right in the Bathroom you will see that everything has been explained and perhaps that will give you a bit more confidence to have a go at moving away from the grid of downlighters that so many of us have in there. I know, I know, I have them too.

If you don’t have enough space for a pendant light and these, from Jim Lawrence, are gorgeous aren’t they? Then think about a wall light either side of the mirror, which will be more flattering and create few shadows than the harsh glare of the LED glaring down from the ceiling. You do NOT deserve that at 7am. No-one does.


The Putney range is rated IP55 and comes with waterproof cable and sealed fittings. And, in short, this is the deal: If you want a chandelier over the bath it needs to be 1.5m from the top of the water when the bath is filled, or, in other words, you need a ceiling of around 2.25m high – nearly eight feet. This basically rules out a pendant over the bath for many of us but you might be able to have one in a different zone so that it’s not hanging over the water – the middle of the room for example if the bath is to one side.

So if there’s no room for a pendant then there a ceiling light in the same range. Or there are the aforementioned wall lights of which there are a few to choose from.

So if you’re planning a bathroom refurb, don’t just assume you have to have boring downlighters. There is more choice out there these days.

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  1. We love pendant lights at to brighten the home in just the right way. Normann Copenhagen & Nordlux are worth checking out.

  2. As I get older and my eyes get weaker, I appreciate good lighting in the bathroom. Maybe it’s better not to see things, but I’m not giving up yet. Overhead lights don’t do it for me. I want lights that are on either side of the mirror, not to be blinded and not to have shadows. And a mirror not too far away (like across a gigantic sink).
    The new LED bulbs are so much prettier than the previous-generation energy-saving options. However, I am disappointed with the quality. I shell out for name-brand bulbs that are supposed to last forever, and they burn out after a few months.

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