The Househunter 3/6/16

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Friday again so wrap up warm (it is June after all) and let’s start our tour of the pick of this week’s property market. I do love these tall London houses, there’s something so pleasing about the proportions although most of them are quite a lot thinner than this one which is on the market with Savills for  – I’ll say it quickly – fourandhalfmillionquid.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 14.11.00

There, sounds much less if you say it fast doesn’t it. Anyway, this in Canonbury, north London, and has four bedrooms, a bathroom and three shower rooms, three reception rooms, a gym and a large garden, which is slightly unheard of in this part of town. None of which justifies the price in the real world but in the fantasy world of London houses prices makes it entirely understandable.

refectory table and flagstone floor

Mind you, I read something the other day that said the housing market has peaked. And I know we’ve all heard that before but apparently this time it really has. We’ll see….. And in the meantime let’s just admire this one. I love this room below. In fact, if I had this, I wouldn’t need all the others as I would spend all my time in here. Oh wait…

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 14.08.11

The bathroom’s pretty lush too. And we can all do that – a green bathroom, now there’s an idea. I rather like it – do you?

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 14.07.55

Right then, coats on, we’re done here. Unless anyone’s staying to put an offer in? No? Right then, we’re off, to the seaside…. Yes I know the weather isn’t exactly all that but you need to be ready to move at a moment’s notice. Because you will probably only get a moment before the sun goes back in. So what you need is a beach house innit?


There are four houses for sale – one is like this, the others are available to view unfurnished. They’re in Margate, Kent and for sale via The Modern House for £485,000. There are two bedrooms and, as you can see, they are right on the front.

sea view beach hut

The master bedroom is on the top while the second, another bathroom and open-plan living space are below.

Each house has been clad in rubber and overlaid with larch which will weather beautifully in time and they have been designed to be a low maintenance as possible. Each one has underfloor heating (perfect for the June we are having) Sonos speakers and integrated units. There is one parking space for each house.


I’ve never been to Margate although I hear it’s currently rather fashionable. If I could spend my weekends in one of these I would be very tempted. Very tempted indeed.


I mean look at that. Mind you it clearly doesn’t look like that today given the strong winds and torrential rain we are having this season, but there’s something wonderfully romantic about the English seaside in bad weather. And you could sit in that sitting room in front of that huge picture window, sipping hot chocolate and watching the waves lash the beach.


Oooh there’s nothing I like more than poking about other people’s houses don’t you? And I leave you with that view for the weekend. Here’s hoping things improve. Not least because the 12yo is in a play at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and they don’t stop when it rains.









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  1. Ohhh, for that achingly-gorgeous first property-stunning! So beautiful in every way. Fantasy London price ,as you say, so might as well put in a fantasy offer !
    Beach places -yes please but not Margate . I’m with Taste Of France -putting in a plea for sunnier warmer beaches !
    Hope you don’t get trench-foot this weekend watching your 12 year’s performance in the open-air!
    Re the first fabulous property, Kate, do you have any idea where those sofas might be from ?? I feel I should know , as they look a familiar design, but I don’t ! You’re bound to know though! Thanks. Great posts as always .

  2. I couldn’t agree more, that room opening to the garden is just the bees knees…the beach huts…ohmygosh…for that price I’ll stick to cycling five minutes down the road with my flask and sunhat and I bet the owners of those homes peeking out behind the huts ain’t too happy ’bout those huts going up right in front of them!

  3. Thank you so much Kate, these beautiful spaces have put a smile on my cold summer cheeks. I’m so Inspired by the beautiful posts, love Sandra’s idea… Let’s go and look at somewhere warm next week, I’m freezing!

  4. In love with the first one, the green bathroom is to die for, and the veranda leading to the garden is so appealing. Sadly have not the funds for such a house, but one can dream.
    Have a great Friday and a hopefully warmer weekend. Cold here near Paris too, but it has stopped raining at last.

  5. I walked past the Margate houses the other day, so nice to see what they are like in side now too. Great position as you step out and there is the beach.

  6. I do love the period property – the ceiling heights and the grand proportions of the rooms – just perfect. Check out the stamp duty a whopping £453k nearly enough to buy the sea view property in Margate! If this wonderful summer weather continues in the UK, please please please can we go abroad to a warmer climate next week for the House hunter section.

  7. Well, that first property is just a dream. I would love to have a veranda like that, but it’s way too sunny here and it would be an oven in the summer. The entire house is wonderful–the windows, the floors, the decor. The only things to change are the hard wood benches at the table. Obviously they didn’t read your post yesterday.
    The beach house is very well-conceived. Too bad it isn’t on a different (warmer) beach!

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