BHS Ceiling Lighting

It’s not secret that many interior designers source their lights from Bhs. However, it’s a huge department and there’s a lot to sort through before you find the gems. Here are some that I found this week. Save you doing all the hard work sort of thing.

cluster light from bhs
Kendrick cluster light

The key is to keep it simple. I wouldn’t buy a chandelier from here for example. It just won’t look as expensive and fabulous as you want it to. Nor would I buy anything that’s pretending to be something else – faux Tiffany glass shades for instance. But these three are a little bit different while still being fairly simple and should work in most interiors. In fact, if I had a pendant light in my sitting room this smoked glass and tassel number below would work brilliantly.

bhs quinny light
Quinny Light from BHS

I am also, for the most part, wary of cluster lights and, admittedly you can’t see the ceiling rose in this one pictured at the top, but I like the unusual shapes. It could work on a landing or down a stairwell where it would have the space to show off.

bhs black light
Jaxon light from BHS

I also quite liked this one below but it’s out of stock. They will email you when it’s back though so I’ve included it in case it’s the pendant light you’ve been waiting for. There are also some lights in the range which have been “designed” by a certain television personality, who is very good at being on telly but the lights look cheaper versions of better ideas from elsewhere. You know who she is and you will recognise the lights. Mind you they’re not all that cheap either.

bhs malachy light
malachy light from BHS

We should also give the store a round of applause for bothering to photograph all its lights both on and off because that does make a difference and also for taking lifestyle shots.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I was intrigued to know who the personality was so just looked it up.
    I agree with your comments that they are not all that ‘different’ but also for me it seems a very strange collaboration don’t you think????

  2. In what way did Holly Willoughby design those lights? They have been around for ages!! I saw versions of all of them in America and I left there in July 2012!!

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