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Wire Lampshade

28th March 2015
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jatani wire mesh lampshade

Lovers of industrial chic will like these although actually I think they could go anywhere. I keep being drawn back to them and I think it’s because although I know they’re made of wire mesh they look like knitting or crochet. You imagine that they’re going to be incredibly soft to the touch and that they will crumple up in your hand. Perhaps I’ve just been watching too much of Richard III’s funeral and I’ve got chainmail on the brain.

wire lamp shade

I’m a big fan of the naked bulb look but in a big room sometimes that tiny bulb just doesn’t quite hold the space. This is a good way round that. You still get to see the fancy (and, be honest, expensive) bulb you paid for but there’s just a little more going on. Make sure you add a cord flex and perhaps a bronze ceiling rose you’re done. The only question is which colour will you choose? I fancy the rust one what about you?

They’re £49.95 from Nkuku, which is a fair trade site so you should all buy lots from here.

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