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Have we got news for you (as the saying goes)! Do you fancy coming on holiday with me and Sophie? A Great Indoors Road trip? Five days with us and 20 other like-minded design lovers? Where to you say? Well, how about a couple of days in one of the most famous design cities in the world? Milan. Followed by a trip to and a boat ride around Lake Como? And for dessert? Venice with a visit to a glass blowing factory, a speed boat ride in a water taxi and a leisurely down down The Grand Canal in a gondola followed by a chance to wander round the canals and back streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world? And as if that wasn’t enough we have secured tickets to a Fornasetti event that is so exlusive we can’t even tell you about it until you have booked. Interested? Read on…

Before the pandemic we went to Marrakech with some of you and we have been dying to travel again but the small matter of a global pandemic got in the way. Now the coast is clear we have teamed up with Trova Trip who take care of all the logistics leaving us free to escort you to some of our favourite places in this wonderful country.

fondazione prada in milan

In addition to tasting wine, making pasta, blowing glass and attending that Fornasetti event, you will also have time to yourselves to wander around using the special guide we have created for you directing you to some of the best places to visit, the best bars for an aperitivo and the best places to shop. Not forgetting that visit to Bellagio in Lake Como, which I visited for the first time a couple of years ago and I can tell you it’s breathtaking.

We love getting to meet you in real life and we know, from the last trip, that spending time with like-minded people is wonderful for you all and you will make friends for life. The El Fenn trip members still chat all the time and we have seen them at events since so it has been truly wonderful to make that connection and to keep it going.

The trip starts on 17 October and ends on 22nd so you have plenty of time to prepare. All you have to do is get yourself to Milan for the start and book a flight home from Venice as it’s not a round trip – unless you want to get yourselves back to Milan at the end which you can easily do by train.

We’re so excited to travel with you so have a look at the details and sign up if you can. It’s going to be FUN. The trip is being announced on the podcast today where we also have a brilliant interview with Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest in which he talks all about pinning for pleasure and for small businesses as well as his insights into what’s big and what’s falling out of favour. It’s always interesting to see that from Pinterest as the data reflects what people are actually looking for and pinning as opposed to what magazines are forecasting. You can listen here. And in the meantime Here’s the link to book once more.

Really hoping to see some of you there.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Lake Como sounds wonderful, but having been in Milan for a day, was enough for me. Maybe it’s because we came right from France that Milan simply felt rather dirty. It was such a shame to see that some people put ugly tag grafiti on these beautiful buildings. Being followed and a bit harassed to buy a bracelet added to an unpleasant stay. I am however looking forward to possible posts of your and the groups photos from the comfort of my home.

  2. Really interested in the trip, however the price info is showing in Dollars! I can’t see a way to convert it to pounds, please could you confirm cost in Sterling?

    1. Hi Helena, as the conversion rate will fluctuate all the time (probably only by tiny amounts) I can’t confirm the exact price in Sterling but if you put the dollar amount in it will calculate it for you exactly. When I did it it was under £2,800 but do check yourself so you are sure. Really hope you can come.

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