Console Desk

console desk frm bodie and fou

Now I appreciate that this picture shows this desk in an enormous space (much like the ones I was talking about earlier in the week with MADE Unboxed) but the fact is that it’s long and narrow and therefore perfect for small spaces.


It measures 130cm long by 50 wide and 75 high, hence the name console as you could perfectly well put it in a hall. Well, not my hall since I stupidly installed a huge radiator all along the wall that didn’t have the doors in thus preventing anyone from ever putting anything there, but for those of you with halls.

console desk from bodie and fou

It would work very well for me in the library where there is currently a child’s desk, which looks great with a cocktail tray and a couple of glasses on it but is far to low for anyone to actually sit at. Even the children.

This would fit that space perfectly. And when the fantasy loft has been converted in a fantasy way, I’ll have a whole row of them like this. It’s £540 from Bodie and Fou.


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