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Dream House #No2: Tine K

24th April 2013
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A few weeks ago I showed you pictures of a house in New York otherwise known as Dream House No 1 that had inspired my house renovation and today I bring you another, otherwise known as Dream House No2; The home of Tine K, who owns a shop selling furniture, homewares and clothes to which she brings her own Danish twist.

the leather handles in Tine K's kitchen

the leather handles in Tine K’s kitchen

The main thing that caught my eye was the leather handles which she fitted onto inexpensive cupboards. Tine’s handles were homemade. I bought mine and attached them to Ikea cupboards. You can see pictures of my house here

image by Anna Malin

image by Anna Malin

The leather handles add a different texture to a room that is often full of hard edges and straight lines.

the leather handles that inspired my own kitchen

the leather handles that inspired my own kitchen

But it’s not just the kitchen in Tine’s home that I love. The whole house is a beautiful mix of white, thunder greys with lots of natural textures include wood and wool.


image by Anna Malin

Decorating this way is a fairly classic Danish style. I have interviewed Marianne Brandi of DAY Home about Danish style  and she told me she uses the same tricks.


image by Anna Malin

It’s a style I love and it never fails to make me catch my breath when I see a house like this. Sadly, I fear I am not quite disciplined enough as touches of colour always creep into my houses.


image by Anna Malin

I would never be able to resist adding a rug to the sitting room above even as I look at it and love it.

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

It’s a scheme that’s very restful and I love the industrial cabinet above.

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drefer/Sisters Agency

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer/Sisters Agency

Here a plum coloured velvet sofa brings both colour and texture to the room adding a softening touch.

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

image by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer

I could certainly see myself sitting at that desk and writing away the day.

To see the full collection of furniture, accessories, clothes and, well just about anything else you might want for your home visit Tine K 



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  • Monnaie Ernakulam 9th June 2014 at 6:00 am

    Nice looking, beautiful interior designing and interior decoration!

  • claire 26th April 2013 at 1:06 pm

    We have some of these lovely Tine K goodies at http://www.idyllhome.co.uk!

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