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Gold Geometric Mugs and Tea Towels

15th January 2015
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I was unable to go to the Home-London show this week but have enjoyed reading the tweets and seeing pictures of all the stands. One of the products that I loved was these bone china gold mugs from Alfred & Wilde.

Decorated by hand with 9 carat gold in Stoke on Trent, the geometric patterns are based on the Platonic Solids, a series of five shapes named after the Ancient Greek Plato. The solid shapes are symmetrical, and each one is made up of faces that are the same shape.

Yeshen Venema Photography

Yeshen Venema Photography

Their mathematical beauty has led them to be repeatedly linked to the construction of the universe. They also symbolised the basic elements: earth, air, fire, water and a  fifth element – supposedly something like the stars, or something beyond the material world. It’s a bit beyond me tbh so if you want to know more about that this is probably the wrong place.

If you want a pretty mug and a matching tea towel, on the other hand, then stay right where you are.

The tea towel, an icosohedron (since you didn’t ask) is printed in metallic gold ink and yes it is fit for purpose although the site suggests washing it before use to increase its aborbency.

Given that we’re not supposed to be spending any money in January this is an affordable way to bring a little luxurious treat into the kitchen isn’t it? After all, they’re practically edukashunall.

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