Gorgeous Handmade Lampshades

black and leopard lampshade
black and leopard lampshade

A few weeks ago we were talking (well all right I was talking and hopefully some of you were listening) about pendant lights and how to get them in the right place. And then I remembered that I had been meaning to tell you about Love Frankie for ages because she makes gorgeous lampshades.

And then, she contacted me and said I could give you all the exclusive look at her new collection. So that seemed like the perfect idea and here we are. These are just a few of her new pictures – there’s lots more choice on the site.

The company belongs to Johanna Franks, who styles and makes everything by hand here in the UK. It’s all ethically sourced and and textiles include velvet, silk, copper and gold foil as you can see from the images. They also make bespoke if you don’t see exactly what you want here and, as you can see, she uses some really fabulous wallpapers to create shades that are really unusual and would make a real statement.

Lampshades can be such a brilliant way to bring in an element of fun into your decor. You don’t have to go full on six foot tall gold palm tree as I have done, but can, instead, invest in a really cool shade to bring the room together and bring in the wow factor and Frankie (aka Johanna) certainly knows how to do that.

You can go full on leopard and neon orange insert as in the shade pictured above, or you can reverse it and go for something more subtle but with a twist as the one at the top which is black on the outside and has those leopards stalking round the interior. Think of the shade, whether it’s on a pendant or a table lamp, as the earrings on an outfit. You can be subtle and sophisticated or really go for the glamour. If you tend towards the understated when it comes to pattern and colour then a lampshade like this can be a great way to introduce just a hint of something more outrageous.

Love Frankie also sells funky table lamps, neon lights and coloured flex for £5 a metre which is also another really good trick. I have now got rid of all the white plastic cable in The Mad House and, while it’s a subtle change that not everyone notices, it can make all the difference if you care about the details and can turn a pendant light into a real feature. I’ve also changed all my sockets to black apart from one solitary white plastic one which I didn’t bother changing because it was behind a piece of furniture. Only then I moved the room round and now it isn’t. Which vexes me. A lot. If a job’s worth doing and all that.

Anyway, back to the lights themselves – another point to consider is that lining a shade with gold will not only give a flattering light (akin to the soft glow of a candle) but will also bounce more light out which is great if the outside colour is dark or if you have a dark room – either by accident or design.

So have a wander round and see what you think. I don’t have enough lampshades in my house and most of my pendant lights – I now realise – are more sculptural pieces that have wooden shades or none at all. Time to rectify that I think.

I just wanted to show you these last two as an example of one that is bright and loud and fun and one that is much more subtle but just illustrates the point of making a quiet statement. There are so many to choose from you better make coffee before you start.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. I love the shades, that first one is on my Pinterest bedroom board but where is that rabbit from? 😍😍😍

  2. I love your website. I live in the US and wondered if there will be any difference in your UK book or the one published in the States later? I’m thinking I can’t wait for the US version….
    PS Love any and all Enid pics!

    1. That’s so kind thank you. I have asked this question to my publisher and am awaiting the response. I can’t imagine there will be a difference – perhaps the cover will change but the content will be the same I’m sure.

  3. Not in the market for any new shades at the mo but seem to have managed to buy a cactus and a vase I didn’t know I needed 🙂 Gorgeous site. Thanks Kate!

  4. This is fabulous! I especially love the yellow one with the tropical wallpaper on the inside, how fun.

  5. Thanks for this, I have just checked out her site and there are some gorgeous lampshades. Oh dear. I have a feeling this might be expensive…

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