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I was looking for a post on my new book and realised that I have shared only a preview and as part of a review of other books. So, in an exception to the postcards I’m going to do a round up of the book. I wanted to write about the three issues that affect some of us most of the time and most of us at some time. That is living in small spaces, rented spaces and working from home. It’s August so we’ll leave the work aside for now but below you will find a video of how the book works – the idea is that you can configure the pages to be what you need – decorating a small rented kitchen, renovating a rented living room, making the most of a small bedroom. The book is arranged room by room – colour coded – so you can read all about small space living across the top or start to play with the cut pages to discover everything about kitchens from small ones to rented ones to creating an office space within one. And even if you don’t rent you might need a clever, temporary fix while you save up to make big changes. And even if you live in a big house I’m certain there will be small spaces within. And even if you don’t work from you might have children who need a space to focus. Have a look I’m certain there’s something for everyone. And if you like the look of it you can buy it here.

Above is a stop motion video to show you how the book works as I described above. Below I am talking you through the concept. And here – should you fancy – are a couple of extracts.

Thoughts on renting.

Tips on Small Space Living.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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