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Indigo Living Room 2

So I think it’s official. Navy is the new grey. I can’t quite believe I’m saying that – I shall have to dye the cat – but navy blue, or indigo was the colour for Autumn Winter 2014  and is, if anything, even stronger for 2015/16.

Indigo Dining Close-up 2

I wrote last year that it was billed as a trend, but these things take a while to filter through and with these gorgeous images – from the new Sainsbury’s look book, I think we can safely say it has filtered.

Indigo Dining

It feels very modern and fresh and goes with just about every colour you can imagine including all the metals, natural wood and marble.

Indigo Home Accesories

Rachel Small, the homebuying living manager, described the sofa, pictured above, as “exuding comfort and luxury” which it does.

Indigo Bathroom

Emma Mann, head of home design, suggests mixing these deep indigo tones and inky blue shades with warm copper, brushed pewter and lots of natural linen and chunky knits for texture.

Indigo Bedroom Textiles

The other key point is that, as it’s Sainsbury’s these will not be wallet-busting prices. The cushions are around £16 and you can pick up a mug for £4.

Indigo Bedroom by sainsbury's autumn winter 2014

If you’re thinking of painting your walls look at Farrow and Ball Hague or Stiffkey or Deep Space and Marine from Little Greene and Venetian Crystal and Wild Water from Dulux.


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  2. Hi there
    I have bought a lot of products from the indigo range and has now left store.
    I really want to get the dip dye type vase shown on the living room picture on the fire place far left with the purple flowers in. I have visited halifax, white rose and Huddersfield and they do not have them. Can you let me know how j can get hold of it if you still have stock?. Thanks

    1. I have been asked to find out about this range before and I’m afraid the press office tell me that it has been discontinued and there is no more of it around. This one is &.50 from Paperchase and this is £7 from Design Vintage. There are lots of different things around in this colour so you should be able to find something you like. regards, Kate

  3. Love that bedroom also!! I’m from US any idea how I can purchase that bedding here since I don’t live in UK?
    I’ve emailed sainsbury website contact to see about online orders but no replies yet. I’m working on alternate plan by mixing and matching some ikeas items to get similar look

    I take it paint company is also in UK?

    Thanks cindy

    1. I will ask the press office and see if they ship to the US Cindy. If they don’t it might be time to make friends with someone in the UK who can post it to you. Farrow and Ball does have US outlets, you can find them on their website. Here is the link as I don’t know what region you are in.

    2. Did you end up finding anything like this bedding? I am from the US as well and cannot purchase it and also since this is from a couple of years ago it is sold out. Did you end up making something up similar to this bedding or purchasing a set from somewhere else? This is exactly what I want I’m so sad I can’t find it anywhere!

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry for the delay in replying – I needed to get hold of the press office to ask them. As soon as they tell me I will let you know – and if they don’t I’ll ping over a couple of alternative suggestions for you. Regards Kate

      1. Right so the bad news is that it was from Sainsburys but they discontinued their furniture range two months ago – I have asked if there are any left and in the mean time will hunt out a couple of alternative suggestions for you but everyone will do navy blue linen so it’s really just a question of finding the style you like.

    2. Hi Kate
      That’s really helpful. Any alternative suggestions would be very much appreciated. Contemporary Country and timeless is the style I am looking for.
      Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you
      PS – Trust a major retailer to drop a product range just when it’s complimentary products are hitting the spot and gaining so much favourable publicity

  4. I love the blue bedroom and must paint mine immediately! What is the brand and name of this paint?
    It’s gorgeous, thank you for your reply.

  5. Can you put in a link to the right page on Sainsburys’ website as I can’t find any of this stuff. Thanks

    1. Hi Jackie, there are lots of those iron bedsteads around – I’m not sure where that particular one came from but you can get them from Ikea for £145 (svelvik) and also from places like the wrought iron and brass bed company (

  6. I’ve been looking for a smokey blue/grey paint for our bedroom. I love the navy but want something a little softer/lighter than this. Any ideas?!

    1. hi Jane, sorry for the late reply but I have been away. Have you looked at Celestial Blue by Little Greene? That seems to be pale, smokey and grey all at the same time? Alternatively Dulux have a very beautiful colour called Sea Urchin although that may be a touch green rather than grey. Finally Farrow and Ball Lulworth Blue may be more the sort of thing. If these are no good let me know and perhaps we can arrange a visit and consultation. Regards Kate

  7. Just painted my no-natural-light, very dark snug in F&B Stiffkey Blue about two months ago, after much deliberation. Best decision ever, now have my own cosy cave.

  8. Wow, go Sainsburys! Their home wares keep getting better and better. Indigo/navy trend is spot on. Great post, thanks.

  9. Oh yes, navy colour is beautiful in interiors. I like it especially with gold and my favourite is navy blue velvet sofa.

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