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Last week I was sent a set of photographs from one of my favourite stores The Mint List. The images haven’t been sent to many people so I’m thrilled to be one of the first to share them with you.

vintage brass apple in a glass from the mint list
vintage brass apple in a glass from the mint list

The owner of the store, Camilla Kelly sums up her vision as eclectic, vintage and tailor-made. I prefer to call it Industrial Glamour and it’s one of my favourite looks.

taxidermy birds wallpaper by Daniel Heath
taxidermy birds wallpaper by Daniel Heath

Have a look and see what you think. For me industrial glamour is a little softer than straightforward industrial. It’s about adding some fabulous wallpaper, like the taxidermy birds above. Or a great rug with some unusual silk cushions. You need to layer great, natural textiles (cashmere, silk and linen) against the rough crumbling plaster walls and brickwork. And it never needs to match. A selection of cushions in complementary colours is better than a matchy set. Your lights don’t have to be symmetrically paired – have one large and one small. The same lampstands with contrasting shades. You get the idea.

buy everything from the mint list
buy everything

Camilla set the site up just over a year ago after despairing of finding what she wanted for her own house all in one place. “I was working in media and advertising and it was all consuming and I just didn’t have the time to go to antique fairs and design shops and art galleries. I wanted a place where I could find all that in one place. And I couldn’t. So I set it up.” As you do.

mix and industrial filing cabinet with an extraordinary light - this is by Alex Randall
mix and industrial filing cabinet with an extraordinary light – this is by Alex Randall

The site is made up of partners who sell through the list and Camilla curates the collection to feature the pieces she wants on the site. “That way I can create the right feel and bring everything together.”

the love cushion by Kate Halfpenny has a luxurious feel thanks to the gold thread

As I said when I first wrote about The Mint List (and I haven’t found a better way to say it so I’m saying it again: This collection of vintage and one-offs, tiny boutiques and small design studios, is like a perfect Sunday morning stroll through the back lanes of the small town that you imagined in your dreams, but which has all but disappeared from the real world and can now only be done in cyberspace. And you can do it all from the comfort of your own home with a coffee in your hand.

soften the industrial look with a great rug or an unexpected sculpture like the hand on the worktop

Many of the pieces included in the collection are vintage or one offs. Many others are bespoke or created to order. In addition to the wedding list service, Camilla has also decided to set up an interior design service so if you like the look you can ask for help and advice in creating it.

a vintage cupboard against skull wallpaper by Beware the Moon
a vintage cupboard against skull wallpaper by Beware the Moon

All images by Mark Brumell



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