Mad About . . . Wall Stickers

the waiting game    £90                                                 

As much as I love wallpaper, I’m also a huge fan of the wall sticker, or decal as it’s properly known. For starters, you can change them more easily when you get bored and these days many of them can be repositioned so you can even move them to a different room or wall. And in these times of tightened belts and budgets, it’s a good way to bring a new look to a room without breaking the bank. Yes, some of them are expensive, but even if it’s the same price as a roll of wallpaper, you don’t have to pay anyone to hang it and it’s cheaper than a work of art, which many of them are.

So this week, we are mad about wall stickers:

glam up the bedroom with a chandelier                                                                          from

I love the way this white one has been stuck onto a dark wall. It almost looks like it is really glowing. Try Rockett St George  for a great collection of decals like this chandelier below 

chandelier sticker £15.99 from Rockett St George

Or what about these scalloped wall tiles by Jim Houser from Blik for $50. Also available in shades of reddish brown.

so much easier than actually tiling


My son has this Blowfish by Threadless on his bedroom wall


blowfish £52 from


These monkeys are fun for a playroom or bedroom

swinging monkeys from from £9.99

This would work well for a teenage girl’s room

dandelion clock £24 from

Or what about this:

Arch £79 from


If you fancy a little texture on your wall then try these felt stickers by Hive

£26 for six from


These are slightly different as they are actually made from real wallpaper which is pre-cut into the shapes and you paste it on yourself. This obviously means it doesn’t have the flexibility of the stickers but it looks fabulous so perhaps you won’t care!

from €195


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