Milan 2012: Trend Report

Mad About The House was unable to go to Milan this year so it sent Sara Bonfield,  interior designer and owner of and Elina Kopola, owner of Trendworks, who specialises in colour research. After three days milling about Milan, sipping Prosecco and nibbling on canapes, they sent the following  report.

One of the trends they spotted was artificially aged pieces. It’s as though we’ve all got too good at redecorating our old bits of furniture – upcycling as it’s now called – and it needs to be duffed up a bit to make it look authentic.

Sara wondered:  “Is it because recycled products now look so refined that they need to be aged so you can see they have been recycled? Have we come full circle – we used to paint the old stuff that we found in skips to look new and now we take the new stuff and make it look old.”

You can make your own minds up.

deliberately embroidered to look old and worn? From Aram designed by Nendo


even the tapestry on the wall looks like it has worn out in places


using mismatched wood as if there wasn't enough for the entire piece. From


the rough and ready wall contrasts with the sleek modernity of the bathroom. From


the shelves look like they have been cobbled together from old crates. From


Kate Watson-Smyth

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