Monday Postcard

It’s finally happened. After nearly eight years of blogging through coughs and colds and even a bout of radiotherapy I have never missed a post. Until today. Took to my bed on Thursday with flu-like symptoms and haven’t really emerged since. I’m dropping in to let you know. I’m hoping that I will be feeling better as you read this, but just in case I’m not going to make any promises for Tuesday. However, I will be back on Wednesday as I have a collaboration with Rockett St George on Christmas presents for hard to buy people and on Thursday there is a new episode of the podcast on small space living, Christmas decoration trends and why nature has always played such a strong role in design. That’ll be a chunky post to make up for missing out earlier in the week.

L'hotel Marrakech, owned by Jasper Conran
L’hotel Marrakech by Jasper Conran

And I’ll leave you with this wonderful bedroom – if only that was where I was lying now – from L’Hôtel Marrackech, by Jasper Conran. This is Moroccan minimalism at its best and it’s making me feel better just looking at it. I’ll speak to you all again soon. XK

Kate Watson-Smyth

The author Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. So sorry to hear you are not well, but you have indeed given us a beautiful picture! Speedy recovery x

  2. Lovely room! Sorry to hear you are not well, seems to be a lot of it about. Hope you will be feeling better soon but don’t get up too soon. We’ll wait!!

  3. Poor you, Kate … hope you’re feeling much better very soon! You still manage to make me laugh, feel inspired and entertained from your sick bed … Wonderful Lady that you are. Thanks for the postcard and here’s to you feeling back on top of the world as soon as possible … go easy on yourself; we’ll be waiting patiently for our fabulous tonics from you (but only when you’re ready) xxx

  4. Hope you feel much better soon, Kate. Total star sharing this beautiful picture with us even though you are feeling so poorly. Lots of sleep and lemon and honey drinks x

  5. Well… that’s a super Pic… love it. Pared back Moroccan style. Thank you for making the effort despite of being ill 🤢
    Hope ur well again soon Kate. You’re a busy lady. Mind you… that’s probably the reason you’ve come down with this “dose” so … be good to yourself and try to pace urself 🥴 hard to do when you’re already committed to appointments.

  6. Ha and fresh white bedding every day…dream on dear Kate.
    So sorry that you are so unwell, cant imagine you giving in unless you were powerless.
    Tanti auguri a te!

  7. Blearghhhhhh! Viruses, not that lovely room. I’m off to buy rugs and you’ve inspired me to reconsider Moroccan. Hope you feel better.

  8. What a complete trouper you are Kate! Still manage to get a post out to your followers when you are feeling rubbish. Hats off and sending healing hugs to you. Get better soon☺

  9. Get well soon! It’s actually rather nice to notice how much I missed reading your daily post with my cup of tea.

  10. Bon rétablissement Kate!
    In fact you haven’t missed a post really, giving us thiS beautiful picture.

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