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Objects Of Design #119: Shoe Storage

27th June 2012
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At last a solution for all those shoes

Hands up who opens their wardrobe to find a shoe graveyard every morning. Hands up who hasn’t spent several minutes with one shoe in one hand franctically scrabbling around trying to find the other. Yes I thought so. This then, is the answer. The clear boxes mean you can see what’s there at a glance, the stacking system keeps the dust off and means that you can pile the boxes as high as you like under shorter hanging items or spread them along the floor below the longer ones. And I can tell that some of you are muttering about the cost of it but the cheaper versions aren’t as clear so you can’t see into them as well and, after all, if you’re going to spend a significant proportion of your salary on shoes, you ought to look after them non?

www.theholdingcompany.co.uk £60

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