Objects of Design: New Kitchen from Ikea

new metod kitchen from ikea
new metod kitchen from ikea

Today, Ikea launches its first new kitchen for 25 years. Metod (disappointingly pronounceable if you ask me) will replace Faktum, found in so many homes up and down the land.

metod kitchen from ikea
style the new ikea metod kitchen however you like

The modular system can be configured in pretty much any way you want – according to Ikea they got to 400,000 combinations before they stopped counting. It has been produced in response to changing lifestyles, ie we’re all living in bigger cities in smaller spaces.

Ikea's new metod kitchen can be configured in over 400,000 ways
Ikea’s new metod kitchen can be configured in over 400,000 ways

A report from The Future Laboratory for the store confirmed what we all basically know already: kitchens are not just for cooking but are for living and, most importantly, dancing. After all, Ikea did a whole advertising campaign based around that so it must be true.


Now you can pick and choose the parts you want with modules going up in 20cm units from 20cm to one metre (there is a 10cm part but you have to buy two to keep with the measurements). There are 25 door fronts, nine colours including black and grey, as well as stainless steel, so there should be chances of having one that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

metod huttan brokhult, if you want to look it up
metod huttan brokhult, if you want to look it up

If you want some suggestions for pimping the basic Ikea design here’s a post I wrote earlier. My own kitchen is all Ikea units with the worktop and handles from elsewhere. Mind you, when I look at the image below, I’m pretty much there as is. The addition of a vintage wooden ladder and that’s my kind of kitchen. Having said that, I do already have black opening shelving so it’s not that much of a leap for me.

image from of the new ikea kitchen range
image from of the new ikea kitchen range

As with all Ikea kitchens there’s a 25 year guarantee so if you’ve got a Faktum already then don’t worry and if you were planning a Faktum, then you can change to a Metod if you prefer.


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  1. I’ve always had a pimped IKEA kitchen in the back of my mind for when we eventually get around to replacing ours…although at the rate I’m going that will probably be another 25 years and they’ll have replaced Metod with something else!

  2. And the best thing about the new range? According to the last photo you will be able to create a double of yourself to halve the work of putting away the dishes. What will they come up with next? 🙂

    We ordered our Faktum kitchen in January and were told that the main differences between the two ranges were that there will be more storage space in Metod (created by shortening the plinth height) and there will also be some additional configurations (e.g. a drawer unit in the handy 20cm width). We went ahead with Faktum anyway because we had gotten up at the crack of dawn to beat the queues and were not going to leave without buying a kitchen, but were told that there should be compatibility with the new accessories etc.

    1. Yes I noticed the double image too! If only! I tried to cut it but it didn’t leave enough of the shelves and I thought it was worth showing the shelves as fully as possible. I hope you are happy with your new kitchen.

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