Objects of Design #259: Oak and Gold Serving Boards

oak and gold serving board
oak and gold serving board from Ghost Furniture

This is a story of a Twitter collaboration. Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post about the Kintsugi Repair DIY kit or gold glue. It was created by Dutch company Humade and was discovered and brought to the UK by Mora Approved.

oak and gold board detail
detail: oak and gold serving board

I wrote, and tweeted, about what a wonderful idea this was. And the post was read by Di Overton of Ghost Furniture who, unbeknown to me, had already been experimenting with trying to repair cracks in wooden serving boards.

photo (15)

She had made several futile trips to her local blacksmith and they had tried using molten brass to no avail. Then Di saw my post.

each one has vintage handles so you can hang it on the wall

And here are the results. Di has very kindly sent me one of the boards and I love it. They cost between £45 and £75 each depending on the size of the board and the amount of gold used. Di also adds vintage handles so you can hang them up.

Don’t you think they’re fantastic? They would make great presents.

Oh, and No 1 son would like me to point out that he made the bread in the top picture, without which, that shot would not be nearly as beautifully styled.

To find out what Humade created next click the link.




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