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Objects Of Design #79: Cantilever Square Parasol

18th May 2012
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as the sun moves round so does the parasol

Eating outdoors is one of life’s all too rare pleasures. And if the weather continues like this it may become a thing of the past altogether. Anyway, assuming that summer will be bothered to put in an appearance at some point, it will only take five minutes before someone is complaining about being too hot and needing to be in the shade. The joy of this is that it doesn’t have to sit in the middle of a table. You can position to the side or wherever you need it and it’s height adjustable. Also gives UV30 protection. It’s 250cm square by the way so will give good coverage to everyone.

My only gripe is that it does look very depressed and hangdog when it’s not opened up.

www.marksandspencer.com £129

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