365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #88: Vertical Herb Garden

27th May 2013
living wall herb garden

living wall herb garden from harrodhorticultural.com

I love the idea of a living wall. I was very keen to have one in the kitchen but, by the time we’d installed the cupboards and the shelves and the lights and the mail boxes and the light switches we somehow ran out of room.

But look at this. It’s small, it can go outside, or on a balcony wall, and is just perfect for a few herbs and a bit of salad. No need to worry about how much space you’ve got free and, crucially, that is a long haul for even the most determined of snails.

The heavy duty, non-woven fabric planting bags each have four 24cm x 15cm planting pouches, the top three of which are fitted with drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to filter down. Each pouch can hold up to four plants, giving you plenty of home grown herbs and salads to season and garnish meals with.

Of course if salad isn’t your thing, you can put flowering plants to add colour. Measuring 66cm in height, 10cm in depth and taking up just 30cm of wall width I think I might put one just outside the kitchen door so I can reach out for herbs any time I fancy.

gardenbeet.com £39.99


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