the open shelving in my old kitchen

This week on the podcast Sophie and I take a deep dive into kitchen design. Sophie is in the process of moving her small kitchen across the house to what was her huge sitting room.  She has changed a window into a door to take advantage of the views over the garden and will be adding a huge island. Regular listeners will know that we have already debated the pros and cons of kitchen islands on the show. You can listen to the full episode here.

By contrast, I have moved from my large kitchen (with island) to a much smaller one and rebranded the utility room as a pantry. Now sadly neither of us are able to show you the new kitchens yet as they aren’t complete so you’ll have to make do with pictures of the old ones but you should find lots of useful tips and tricks when it comes to kitchen design in this week’s show.

Sophie’s small kitchen where she struggled to fit six people at the table.

Can I also remind you that you can join our insiders’ club (details here) where this week members can listen to an exclusive interview with Sophie’s kitchen design talking all about trends, ideas and planning for your dream kitchen. It’s well worth a listen. Other perks of the club include ad-free listening, more bonus content, and first dips on any ticketed events and we are working on more of those now that the trip to Italy has sold out.


Sophie’s old dark green scheme is no more.
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  1. Fab episode! Thank you! And thanks also for the extra episode with the lady from Magnet. Very interesting and as the person with the top shelf of the fridge where jars go to die, very relatable.
    When are we going to see your new kitchen Kate? Think last time you showed it, it had a hole in the floor!

  2. Your old kitchen is gorgeous. Clean lined, layered, textured. Cream, black and wood tones are restful and glamorous. The other clean thing about your kitchen are the sparkling open shelves. I’m curious how often you cleaned them and if you now prefer closed storage for your new kitchen.

  3. I’m eagerly anticipating the reveal of your redesigned kitchen! I thoroughly enjoy learning about the steps involved in the transformation.

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