Sustainable Bedding at Sustainable Prices

Today I want to return to a company I first wrote about in 2018 when they launched a range of sustainable white cotton bedding at accessible prices. Rise & Fall was set up to try and cut out all the noise around bedlinen and strip it back to its core components – stuff to sleep on. Back then they were very clear that they would stick to the basics before expanding. And now, I’m happy to tell you that they have added a range of 100 per cent European flax linen in rich warm colours as well as adding organic cotton and cashmere to the collection.

rise & fall linen bedding in natural and khaki
rise & fall linen bedding in natural and khaki

At the start they offered only white cotton in either sateen or percale (you can read about the differences between them in my earlier post here) but now you can buy sets (which is more affordable with prices starting at £155) or mix and match the different colours to create your own bespoke bedding.

I have styled some of the range in the images you can see here and I can tell you that the linen is so soft – apparently it is “garment-washed” to make it even more comfortable for sleeping in. I have slept on scratchy linen before and while manufacturers have told me it will get softer over time there’s a limit to how many uncomfortable nights I need to have while waiting! But the Rise & Fall bedding was soft straight out of the linen bags it comes in. Even the notoriously picky Mad Husband (who personally likes a crisp white cotton) was won over.

rise & fall linen bedding in natural and chestnut
rise & fall linen bedding in natural and chestnut

The linen is European flax linen, which is the most sustainable and durable, and the factory where it is made is wind-powered and recycles 99 per cent of the water used in the manufacturing process via large rain water vats on the roof. The workforce, which is predominantly female, also has unlimited access to education.

In addition to this Rise & Fall only order in small amounts to reduce waste but their model allows them to re-order as often as required.

Jed Coleman, the co-founder says: “Our unique supply chain creates much greater value not just for our manufacturing partners but also for our customers. While we are not and never will be ‘cheap’ we seek to be radically less expensive (by 50-80%) than our closest competitors for equivalent quality across all our products.”

rise & fall natural linen fitted sheet
rise & fall natural linen fitted sheet

Now as for the bedding itself, the sheets are deep which means if you have a topper (and we do) they don’t pop off at the corner. They also, and this is a small detail but one that I really appreciate, label the short side of the fitted sheet so you don’t get it wrong. And let’s be honest it’s hard enough wrestling a reluctant duvet into a cover without have to run round and round the bed trying to work out which side goes at which end.

Linen, as you may know, is naturally thicker than cotton so it will last longer without ripping as it’s more durable. It’s also hypoallergenic and breathable so your skin can regulate its temperature better. It can also hold moisture before it feels damp which means, in blunt terms, on a hot summer night it will absorb any sweat so your body stays cool and you sleep better.

rise & fall linen bedding in natural and khaki

In addition to the bedding shown here, there is dark and light blue as well as a pinstripe (lovely as a base sheet with all the colours) and co-ordinating bolsters and throws – pictured above. Most of the cotton is GOTs certified organic and, should you fancy a cashmere throw, they are made in a factory certified by The Good Cashmere Standard, which protects not just the environment but also the goats and those that look after them. The merino is certified by The Responsible Wool Standard and all the manufacturers used by Rise & Fall adhere to Oeko-Tex 100 or Bluesign standard removing all harsh chemicals from the process.

If you visit their website here you can see the factories they work with and I’m a fan of that level of transparency. The wool duvets and pillows are made in Yorkshire, while the leather is made in Venice and Hong Kong.

rise & fall linen bedding in natural and chestnut

Rise & Fall are working to build a collection of what they call Modern Everyday Classics – the wool duvet that lasts for 10 years, the cashmere sweater that goes with everything the soft linen sheets that get softer with every wash.

So have a look and see what you think. I can also tell you that I picked the cat up (she hates that) and put her on the bed for the shot and usually she would frown and me and stalk off but she stayed there for eight hours straight moving only from my son’s bed to our bed for another mammoth kip. So it’s very much Enid-endorsed.



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  1. Short side label – that really should be the law for all bedding! Genius.

    1. Yes!! What a brilliant idea! Have long wished for this, as with king size mattresses, it can get confusing, and I’ve noticed that some companies put the label on the bottom right, others on the bottom left, creating confusion. This is genius.

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