Pretty Serving Platter in Grey and Gold

vodina platter from anthropologie
vodina platter from anthropologie

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not averse to watching the odd cookery programme. God knows I love to eat and I definitely love to know where the next meal is coming from. But I do often find when watching the likes of Nigella and Nigel, Jamie and Hugh, that I get distracted by the serving dish. Jamie and Nigella, in particular, seem to have an endless array of gorgeous dishes that either look like they’ve been in the family for years or that came from some super trendy French brocante market they just happened to be passing when they saw the bargain of the century. One off naturally.

The other thing about great tableware is that it just does make everything look better. In the same way that a fairly dull Christmas present takes on an air of tantalising mystery with some good paper, a splash of glitter and a velvet ribbon, so a humble green salad or bowl of pasta can be elevated to something delicious when presented on a good plate.

So, readers I give you this platter. Well, not give you understand. It’s from Anthropologie  so it’s the very opposite of giving it away. It’s £68, but imagine how amazing that bag of satsumas will look on there. That simple tomato salad or some slices of parmesan and prosciutto dotted with green olives.

Besides it’s my birthday soon and when I’m done crying (because it will be my party and I can if I want to – yes I’m that old I can remember the 1981 version, but not the original in 1963) I’m going to write a list. A list of presents that I want. And this plate might very well be on there. I might add the jug too which is about 21cm high and plays to my fantasies of having a jug of milk in the fridge rather than the plastic bottle. I said fantasies – it’s never going to happen. Well only on instagram along with everyone else’s fantasy lives.

Do you have a collection of gorgeous serving dishes? I seem to have an ever growing collection of wooden chopping boards which double up but am definitely falling short on the ceramic side of things.


Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. Go for the birthday treat! Whenever I watch Jamie, Nigella etc., I tend to spend 75% of the time viewing their kitchen, their utensils, indeed their china, and far less listening to what they are actually saying about the cooking! I have quite a collection of serving dishes, living in France it is easy to pick up new and exciting ones during the spring and summer months at local Brocantes. I never spend more than 10 euros on each one, but they all have a great story to tell!

  2. I love the wonky edge of the platter. I am enjoying the organic look of the platters that I am seeing in the stores these days. A less serious addition to my very modern china. Probably an indication of where my head is at these days. I am also on the look out for interesting salad/dessert plates that I can buy open stock that bring some colour and humour to my table settings.

  3. Very nice. Go for it for a birthday treat.
    The milk jug may get knocked and spill the contents but hey, we should all have a bit of what makes us smile.

  4. Hi Kate and all the best for 2017!
    This has to be the very first time I don’t love the items you post. I really really really don’t get this platter. Nice form, though, the jug, too. Maybe without the flowery thing-ys, just the background grey on cream. For 68 pounds, I’ll go with something old with charm. 🙁

    1. That’s fair enough Monica we can’t all like everything! I quite like a deconstructed flower – especially in those colours. There’s some good stuff coming up next week so stayed tuned – an interview with the winner of The Great Interior Design Challenge and some gorgeous new images from a paint company that isn’t as well known as it ought to be…. Tomorrow, of course, is our design masterclass analysing real houses. Hope to see you there XK

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