Small Metal Armchair

metal chair from rockett st george
metal chair from rockett st george

Isn’t this a sweet little chair? And you know what’s good about it – it’s only 55cm deep which means it won’t take up too much room. It’s the perfect occasional chair – you don’t want to spend the evening in it watching telly but for a cup of coffee and a chat it’s great. It’s also the kind of piece you can easily move around as the need arises because it’s small and light.

We have an old swivel barber’s chair in the kitchen that is perfect – well mostly for Enid Cat – but also for when you want to sit near the view but not go out in it. That’ll be January then. Unfortunately it’s very heavy and we can’t move it easily. But there are times when an extra chair would be handy in the library, which only has room for two armchairs and a stool, which isn’t terribly comfortable. This small metal armchair would be perfect.

Or what about in the bedroom – for those clothes that are between wardrobe and wash to sit on. Don’t pretend you don’t have that because I know you do. And hanging them on the floor is never great. I could even make space for one on the landing as a halfway house.

So, now that we’ve seen the necessity of such a purchase, shall I tell you that it’s £69. For a chair! Drape a sheepskin over it or a small round cushion – ooh more shopping – all my cushions are rectangle or square and you’re all done.

Final point? It’s metal. It will go in the garden or on the balcony when this infernal rain stops.

Small metal armchair from Rockett st George

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  1. I like the idea that it can be moved easily, so handy for an extra visitor’s chair. I ac just see it draped with a sheepskin or thick throw.

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