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Sphery30 Plywood Lampshade

8th August 2015
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Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 13.59.02

Converting the loft has been fantastic in so many ways. I love the new office space and have to pinch myself with excitement every time I sit at my desk. There was, however, one casualty; the huge Ikea Makros dandelion light which hung on the top landing which had to go to make way for the new staircase.

It has been rehoused in the spareroom where it is a perfect example of Abigail Ahern’s favourite trick of playing with scale to create drama. It’s certainly very big in that room but I’ve got used to it and rather love it there now.

However, that leaves a problem. What to put on the new, lower landing? On the floor below we have a mini hula (click the link to see the makros as well as the hula) and himself is keen for them to match… yes you can imagine how that went down. On the floor below that we have a couple of lights that I saw on a holiday to Porto once and brought back in my suitcase and I think this Sphery30 Ply Shade  would be a perfect marriage of the two. Similar but not matching.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 14.07.00

It’s £105 for the 30cm diameter and £195 for the 50cm. Fortunately, even with my love of BIG STUFF, I think the 30 will be perfect.

I’ll let you know how the conversation about matching lights pans out…

Well I promised you an update and here it is:

sphery 30 update

Yes, we agreed on the light and it’s in situ. I had a black cable and ceiling rose already which I bought from Rose and Grey earlier this year, but I changed the gold bulb holder for a black one as I thought that would go better. It’s difficult to photograph pendant lights well as in real life there’s only ceiling around them, but I have done my best and you can sort of see. Well you can mainly see Enid asleep on the bed but you are supposed to be looking at the light.

Of course I slightly wish I had the bigger one now….

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