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Still Mad About Grey Homewares

20th July 2014
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Grey Scale Bedroom

The new season look books are flooding in at the moment and it’s a real pleasure to see so many of them that aren’t just about showcasing the products but have great photography so they can provide real inspiration for our own homes.

Grey Scale Cook Shop

Recently I showed you the new collection from Sainsbury’s with all that gorgeous rich navy blue imager and now this, from BHS, shows that we haven’t left grey behind just yet. In fact, when I see it with chalky white and wood, as in the picture above I’m inspired all over again.

Grey Scale Living Room

And here it is with a splash of grape to warm it up. That textured rug is rather fabulous too in an urban luxe sort of way – it’s £80 by the way. There’s also a rather magnificent metallic cowhide for £249, which you look out for over the next few weeks and which is next to the bed in the top picture.

Grey Scale Bathroom

These pictures really show you how to layer up the shades of grey and, crucially, to include lots of different textures.


Of course one of BHS’s strengths is its lighting department. Decorators often go there to find products for their clients. There’s a huge selection – it is a department store they have to cater for everyone – but if you are prepared to sort through you can find some real gems.

Grey Scale Lighting.jpg

I particularly like the Hugo pipe light (perching on the stool below) for £80 as well as the Isaac (for obvious reasons) for £150 and who could resist Hank, named after the factory owner who helped develop it, he leans so nonchalantly against the wall that you almost have to speak to him as you go past. Hank is £130 and would be great in a hall or landing or reading over your shoulder in the sitting room.

Illuminate Lighting.jpg

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