dulux colour of the year

Dulux Colour of the Year 2021

dulux brave ground expressive palette
So then this Brave Ground shade which is the Dulux Colour of the year 2021, which caused much consternation before it was swiftly followed by the deep plum which was revealed as the Graham & Brown Coty. dulux brave ground expressive palette I said I would come back to it as I have covered it

An Interview with Skin of Skunk Anansie and the Dulux Colour Of The Year

Portrait of Skin sitting on a stool with large grey folded top. Photo by Marco Ovando
Two big topics for you this week on the podcast with an interview with Skin, singer with Skunk Anansie as well as discussion of the Dulux colour of the year. Now, by the time you read this the colour will have been announced so I'll come to that at the end. First up Skin, whose

Diversity and Interiors: We are Listening – Podcast Notes

design by rukmini patel interiors
This week on The Great Indoors Podcast, Sophie and I give the first half of an extended show to listen to black voices from the interiors industry. We asked them to record their experiences, as far as possible, so that you can hear their voices speaking. We spoke to designers and stylists who have direct

Dulux Colour of the Year 2020

dulux colour of the year 2020 tranquil dawn
With the new season comes a raft of new stuff from furniture to fashion and all of them wearing their new colours. This week saw the annual Colour of the Year announcement by Dulux. I have been writing about this since 2014 and in that time we have seen teal, copper blush, cherished gold, denim

Dulux Colour of the Year 2017

In hindsight the clues were there. The staff were dressed in denim, the benches were painted in shades of blue from the gentlest spring sky to the deepest cobalt. But still we didn't guess. We had been invited to a house in London - one of the last remaining Georgian houses in London that hasn't