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The Househunter: Open Plan Living in a Victorian Terrace

It was a tricky choice this week - between the incredible folly conversion extension which was lovely to look at and the house that might give you some proper tips and ideas for your own spaces. The latter won out. This week. So it's a three bedroom Victorian terrace in Bath that is on the

The Househunter: Moody isn’t always Mean

This will be a polariser I'm sure but for many of you in the industry this will be instantly recognisable as a location house which has provided the setting for many fashion and lifestyle shoots. It is even rumoured to be the house that inspired Abigail Ahern on her own journey to the dark side.

The Househunter: Room by Room

Right then let's see what you make of this. Following on from yesterday's eco house tour in a 1960s property, this was built in 1979 and is a house that would have been screamingly unfashionable until very recently. But times have changed. As Oliver pointed out, these houses often have big square rooms and large

How To Plan The Perfect Kitchen

This kitchen was on my moodboard for my own. From via pinterest At first it might seem overwhelming trying to plan the perfect kitchen, but the chances are you've already worked out what's annoying you about your current one, so you might as well use that as a starting point and begin by thinking