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Last one of the August updates on the Househunter and I love this house so much so we’re going to have another look, but with a few more rooms thrown in for good measure. So, something new for those of you who remember it from before but just want to re-feast your eyes, and something new for those of you who didn’t see it before because you were lying on a beach, or yachting or just, you know, at work and busy.

This house is like all the top decorating tips rolled into one. Bookmark this piece…

half painted grey wall

Pack your bags, we’re going to Scotland. We may be staying. No, not because of you know what (begins with B dear, do keep up) although I know many people who spent Friday 24 June on Rightmove looking at the price of Scottish property, but because of this house. It’s amazing and it’s got seven bedrooms so we could work the accommodation out between us.

butchers block in kitchen via knight frank

It’s in the market with Knight Frank for £1,795,000 (we’re all chipping in) and it’s in central Edinburgh and will you just LOOK. It’s a perfection of sludgy greens, greys, blacks and soft whites. Tip number one? Paint your doors – either to match the wall or to make a feature of them – see below.

dining room via knight frank

And, tip number two: half paint your walls. It’s the new feature wall. Blimey, I’ve just realised that so I’ll say it again. The feature wall is over, painting half of every wall is the new way to go if you’re a) slightly scared of the colour you chose or b) want to make a statement and know that a single wall is a bad idea ‘cos then it’s a feature wall and those are O.Va.

half painted hallway

It works really well in a hall and they haven’t got a dado rail. Which brings me to another point – if you half-paint a wall with a dado rail on it then it’s just a traditional look. If you half-paint a flat wall like this, then it’s modern and contemporary and cool. So there, tip number three. Also, it’s really practical. I’ll pause while you go and look at the bottom half of your hall wall…. yes grubby isn’t it? Small hands, scuff marks, bike scratches, all that. Paint the bottom in a dark colour – with a slight sheen for wipeability and you’re laughing. Yes laughing I tell you.

landing as sitting room via knight frank

Moving on. Or up rather. Imagine having a landing this big. It’s a whole extra room. But in the absence of this kind of space, feast your eyes on that olive green. These colours are going to be the next big thing. And, to carry on from the half-painted wall, yes you will have to go up the stairs but you could just go up one side and stop at the first room at the top if you wanted. Or you could carry on all the way up – as the owners of this house have done.

green wallpaper

Before we explore the bedrooms though, the owners have used some wallpaper in this room to add pattern and interest. It’s a more traditional look but again, no feature wall. These people committed to their wallpaper. They found a pattern they loved and they went with it. All four walls people, that’s how you wallpaper (tip number four).

grey bedroom with panelling

Now we’re upstairs and poking our noses round the bedrooms. This is a gorgeous soft blue. You could do the ceiling as well. That will make it look higher as it will blur the edges between wall and ceiling (five).

cabin bed

What about this gorgeous little cabin bed. It’s like a den and the addition of shelves and lighting make it just perfect.

More wallpaper below this time half and half which looks great. And stop and think how boring this room would look if the window frames and woodwork were in the traditional white (tip six – consider painting window frames in a dark colour to frame the view outside).

blue bedroom

And finally, back to the kitchen for a shot of the open plan kitchen diner. Oh I want this house… Have a lovely weekend everyone.

kitchen diner



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  1. What a divine house! Definitely doing the half wall colour in our new hallway….
    I love the colour palette – so peaceful! Is it possible to find out the paint colours?

  2. Interestingly enough some friends of mine woke up on 24th and are now saying they’re moving to Edinburgh (which, last time I looked, was still part of brexiting UK).

    More than just looking on Rightmove, they’ve actually been up already and looked at this very house (selling whopper in Central London helps). Apparently it’s lovely (obv) but has a v busy thoroughfare at bottom of the garden.

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