AUGUST POSTCARDS: Clever ways with paint

Taking this moment to reshare some of the painting ideas for Italy as there have been a couple of updates since I posted this. I will be sharing the full journey so far on Wednesday for those who haven’t seen what has been going on. And, all things being well, by the time the blog returns in September so will the builders and we should be into phase two – clearing up after the demolition and reinstating. I’m hoping (as I write this before I visit) that the rewiring and plumbing is on track to be done by the start of the month so the decorating – tiling, wallpapering, painting and installation of the bathrooms can begin. To update you since this post was published – we are now wallpapering the large sitting room, which will also detract from the window issue. And we are going to take out that cupboard in the 22yo’s room. I think I always knew we would but we have been juggling budgets. His room, by the way, will be painted in a very pale sky blue on the walls and ceilings with dark blue woodwork. Remind yourself here

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  1. Re windows, agree the green would be nice. We did our uk home frames in Sage Greene. But for now repair what you can, paint a pale colour throughout (I am obsessed with Rolling Fog pale) or shade of white. We ummmd n arrrd the same dilemma in our Portuguese house. We got a local carpenter (who loved a beer and ciggy) to repair the old windows and painted them white. He did a fab job btw. We went for Santa Catarina terracotta floor tiles (look out for them when you are in Lisbon) I am sure you will have an Italian version where you are and we hung chandeliers everywhere and it looked amazing. Colour was brought in with accessories. We saved a fortune by doing this and not replacing the windows.

  2. I would leave the window frames as they are and paint a terracotta around the inside sections (and radiators etc) of the windows. Leave the floor (depending on wht kind of furniture you are putting in; it won’t look nice with pale wood I think) and then paint the ceiling a very very pale terracotta. Good luck! Will be interested to see what you finally settle on.

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