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Cream Stoneware Jugs

28th June 2015
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After yesterday’s visual feast of images showing off the new collection at H&M, today we are keeping it simple with a look at these three gorgeous white jugs. They’re from the new collection at Rigby and Mac and are by Danish designer House Doctor. I just love how they look with those branches of eucalyptus in them. I think I would buy them for that alone.

Although it’s so much nicer to serve milk from a jug ( I sound like my mother I do, I know I do. It must be an age thing) and on a hot day – dream on – a large pitcher of ice cold water with chunks of lemon or cucumber and mint is so refreshing.

The most expensive is £19.95, the smallest £8.95. I’m very tempted to buy all three. I could definitely find a use for them all. I’m also rather over the glass vase thing. You just see all the stems and after a couple of days the water turns murky and brackish. Yes, I know I could change the water. I’m not going to though so it’s best I just hide it.

Have a lovely Sunday and I hope it’s hot enough for cool refreshing drinks where you are. I shall be putting my jug on my new desk in the loft filled with greenery.

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  • Monica 28th June 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Ha! Thinking the same thing about glass vases. These jugs are gorgeous.

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