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There’s nothing I like more than a little wander around the home department of a high street store. You can find real treats there and it’s an affordable way to give a room a little refresh, or bring home something new that doesn’t break the bank. I have spoken on these pages before about how I love the Zara Home collection (much of which is on sale now by the way) and I’m also a fan of H&M.


Their styling is great and makes you want to buy everything, but the other great thing is that it’s just very affordable. Sometimes you don’t want to spend squillions on one thing that’s really sensible and good quality and that you will love for ever. Sometimes you just want to have fun.


In the same way you might buy a really fun clutch for a beach holiday that you wouldn’t carry at home, or a pair of shoes that will do for a party but aren’t for every day, so you should have fun with your interiors. This is where you can indulge a fad (pineapples or flamingoes anyone?) without breaking the bank.


You can also, let’s not forget, pick up a bargain that, when you mix it with the expensive stuff, will immediately look the part. It’s the old Topshop with Prada scenario and it works at home too. One of my best bargains was a pair of giant wooden candlesticks – nearly a metre tall – from Woolworths about 12 years ago.


They stand in the hall with a couple of church candles in, which cost a lot more than the candlesticks did, and they look great. People are always surprised to hear that I found them lying hidden on a low shelf and paid £1.49 each for them.


And talking of bargains, I already own half the towels in this image above and they’re really good ones. Some of the H&M towels are a bit mixed – I have thin ones and thick ones but those chevron ones in the image are good and thick.


I can feel my credit card flexing in my wallet as I type. Although I might have to find what colour paint is on that wall first. It’s just gorgeous with the black and white monochrome isn’t it. Bearing in mind, of course, that I don’t like green, as I’m always saying.

Now it’s not all in store yet but things change all the time so keep and eye out and get ready to bag those bargains. See you at the checkout.




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  1. I love H & M and Zara Home (especially their free shipping/free returns) and have purchased something from each site this month. I do so enjoy your site!

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