Dream Team: Anthropologie and Soho Home Collaborate

There’s been a lot of talk about collaborations recently – everyone’s at it it seems and this week’s Wednesday Ad Break brings you details of another one that has a little bit of the dream team about it. Yes it’s the result of a mash up between the boho glam of Anthropologie and the vintage chic of Soho Home. And, in the words of a 21st century Bright Young Thing I am, as they say, here for it.

Adriana Chair soho home x anthro collaboration
Adriana Chair soho home x anthro collaboration

The collection ranges from champagne glasses to sofas and armchairs via coffee tables and some really great vases.  Prices start at £16 for a mug (more of a bowl for soup really) rising to just under £2,500 for a bed. And, because I know you will, with some justification point out that it’s an expensive collection, I have, in turn, been asked to point out back that Anthropologie have teamed up with Clearpay for this collaboration. That means you can spread the payment over four instalments taken two weeks apart which might just make things a bit easier if you fall hard for one of the bigger ticket items.

anthropologie x soho home collaboration shot and styled by kate watson-smyth at
anthropologie x soho home collaboration shot and styled by kate watson-smyth at

There are 30 pieces in all and I have to say that I would be sorely tempted by the Adriana sofa if I needed a new one. It comes in pale pink, dark orange and wedgwood blue too which also saves me as I have a pale pink chaise longue and the other two colours don’t go in my house.

anthropologie x soho home collaboration shot and styled by kate watson-smyth at
anthropologie x soho home collaboration adriana chair nude shot and styled by kate watson-smyth at

That said, the team sent over the matching chair to photograph in my house and I can officially tell you it’s well made and comfortable. I had a long conversation with The Mad Husband over the weekend about buying a pair of them to go in the library where you can see it pictured above.

collaboration between anthropologie and soho home
barcelona vase soho home x anthropologie

The collaboration was inspired by both the furniture at the original Soho House at 40 Greek Street, London, as well as the Barcelona club, both cities where Anthropologie has stores.

Chris Sotz, the general merchandise manager at Anthropologie Home, said the collection fully represented the store’s design ethos while paying tribute to the architecture and aesthetics of Soho House.

“The pieces can be combined in an endless number of ways of stunning effect,” he said. They will also work their way into your existing decor quite happily as they have that slightly modern classic feel to them that both Soho Home and Anthropologie are good at. It’s a testament to their confidence in their style and their acknowledgement that most people don’t buy all new stuff all the time that they allowed me to photograph their collection in and among my existing furniture. I have worked with other brands who want only their own products in a shot.

barcino sideboard anthropologie x soho home collaboration
barcino sideboard anthropologie x soho home collaboration

Aside from the furniture, and do look at the coffee tables as well, the stand out pieces for me were the three vases all of which are featured here. Yes they are expensive (remember the Clearpay) but they have real character. I don’t know about you but I’m a little bored of all those glass vases that have been around for so long. I’ve got several myself but the water always seems to be a bit brown and murky and that does detract from the prettiness of the flowers. I appreciate that the flowers are meant to be the star of the show but a good vase can enhance that.

collaboration between anthropologie and soho home
tiera cushion with andres cushion from the soho home x anthropologie collaboration

And, in another nod to real life, these actually look rather good when they’re empty and I don’t know about you but I don’t have flowers all the time (!) and the cupboards are rather full so a vase that can look good on the side even when there’s nothing in it is a win in my book.

mariana pink velvet bed from soho home x anthropologie collaboration
mariana pink velvet bed from soho home x anthropologie collaboration

The collection also includes cushions and throws, pictured below in rust, and the rather fabulous striped bolster on my bed above. I know The Mad Husband hates cushions on beds (these are here purely for the pictures) but I am quietly hoping he will make an exception for a bolster. It’s practically a pillow and it’s perfect for reading in bed which is, when all’s said and done, one of my favourite past-times.

anthropologie x soho home collaboration shot and styled by kate watson-smyth at
barcelona vase, landyn throw and cushion (orange) from soho home x anthropologie collaboration

So I’m going to say as collaborations go this is a strong one. What do you think? You can see the full collection here.


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    1. I know the packaging from Soho Home is very good – all cardboard and fabric bags that you can re-use and I mentioned that their Cowshed product packaging is made from a by-product/waste of the sugar cane industry the other day. I still have to ask Anthropologie their position on this but I will always be updating the directory as often as I can.

  1. It’s a flop in my book, I’d buy the chairs or the bed only if I’d been a fan of art deco throughout my life, otherwise it’s very on trend, which is a con, because after the trend passes, then what? Unless someone is willing to change the bed every 5 or so years, well, not for me. And the vases have a very rural vibe to them, completely mismatched to the shapes of the chairs and the bed, while the yellow shade reminds me of the marvelous Mrs. Maisel and her “yellow mustard…gas…?” line. Normally I love things featured on your page, normally I want half the things from Anthropologie (even though, or maybe more so because I can’t afford buying all the things I want from them), it’s even more seldom that I’m so strongly against something, especially when Enid the cat is doing a marvellous job promoting it, but still no.

    1. Thats fair enough, we don’t all like the same thing. I do like lots of this one (not all of it) and I often find that Anthro is a little boho for my tastes so for me it has worked. That said, thank you for taking the time to explain why it’s not for you. It’s always good to have conversations here.

    1. It’s the Zebo pattern from the Quirky B range at Alternative Flooring. I bought a stair runner from them 10 years ago (pre blog) and then worked with them to make a video when they launched their Make Me a Rug service. This was made for me then – about six or seven years ago.

  2. Where is the Zebra pattern rug from Kate? I just noticed the other commenter is also a Hare – no relation 🙂

  3. Even before I clicked on the link in your email I knew I would love this.
    It’s just beautifully restrained and stylish – how are the chairs, comfy?

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