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Five Finds: Etsy

21st February 2013
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This five finds is some gorgeous pieces I have discovered on Etsy. If it’s not one of your regular place then perhaps it should be. There’s masses on there and you have the satisfaction of knowing you have bought something made with love from a small manufacturer rather than something mass-produced in a factory.

There isn’t really a theme to these finds although you could imagine putting them altogether as you will see.

vintage handwoven kilim rug from Turkey

vintage handwoven kilim rug from Turkey

According to the shop owner, this kilim came from Turkey and may have been woven in the Mut region which is in the south of Turkey sometime between the sixties and seventies.

“The kilim is very dynamic and colorful, and is in fabulous shape.The colours come from vegetable dyes and it is 100 per cent wool.”

It could also be used as a wallhanging if you didn’t want to have it on the floor.

For more information click here

serving tray made to order

serving tray made to order

I just love this ceramic tray that would be great for fruit, as shown, or for a big salad, or even on a dressing table for all those bits and pieces that seem to pile up. It’s available in a range of colours including linen, green and pink.

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hand engraved jug perfect for when guests come round

hand engraved jug perfect for when guests come round

I’m a big fan of Milk and Honey Luxuries and their products have featured on here before  but when I saw this it seemed perfect for five finds. Great for Friday night, great for a present, great for when a bunch of friends come round on a summer’s evening. Remember though, it’s not instructions.

More information here

side table by nord architecture-design.

side table by nord architecture-design.

This side table is a pleasing combination of retro and Scandi chic and original design too. I love it. That’s all. It’s about £298 by the way. I want it.

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Vintage french Duralex tumblers

Vintage french Duralex tumblers

These vintage glasses are by Duralex and well, if we’ve had the jug we might as well have something to pour the contents into mightn’t we?  Duralex glasses are now design classics and these, which are slightly more delicate than the usual design are so pretty.


So there we have it. Five finds from Etsy. Which ones do you like? Or perhaps you can visit and discover your own. Why not share your finds below?

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  • Munki Make 21st February 2013 at 11:34 am

    Never thought I would say this about a jug, but what a charming jug – very clever. 🙂

    • Kate 21st February 2013 at 11:38 am

      It’s fun isn’t it! I think I might have to buy one.

    • Christine 4th July 2013 at 5:27 am

      I think after seeing this page, a few dozen people will have just figured out what their brothers will be getting for Christmas. 😛

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