365 Objects Of Design, March, Volume III

Knitted Lampshades

4th March 2014
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knitted lampshades from lespetitsbohemes

knitted lampshades from lespetitsbohemes

Ten years ago the idea of a knitted lampshade would have met with shock and horror. Not least because with the old bulbs it would have been a major fire hazard. But technologoy has moved on and so, it seems, has wool.

These lamps are from French site Les Petits Bohemes, but before you panic, they ship worldwide. Neither, as the name implies, do you need to be un petit boheme to like their stuff. I’m une grande, or even ancienne, and I love them.

lightbulbs and cords from lespetitsbohemes

lightbulbs and lurex cords from lespetitsbohemes

The lightbulb with cable cord isn’t the newest lamp on the block but these cables are made with lurex. I know! Just a teeny hint of sparkle.

The furniture is on a slightly smaller scale so won’t necessarily translate into adult spaces but there are some quite cool decorative things that would bring a little je ne sais quoi to a space.

decorative items from les petits bohemes

giant letters, cushions and mirrors fit for any size

What do you think? The knitted shades start at around €140 (euros) while cords are €45. The giant letters, mirror and metal stars are between €100 and €110. But there are plenty of links to take you to specific items that may have caught your eye.



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