Singin’ The (Ocean) Blues

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But I didn’t want to leave you with nothing so I am going to take you on a voyage of rediscovery of some of the best, and most popular posts of the last two years. Some of you will never have seen them, some of you will have forgotten them and some of you will, perhaps, just enjoy anew a daily feast of images. The sharp-eyed among you will also notice some updates and edits, so it’s not entirely the same old thing.

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I love the colour of the ocean. So much so that my engagement ring is an Aquamarine. So here, in a rather radical departure from the usual muted monochromes, we are mostly Mad About …  ocean blues.

Just look at that rich colour. Doesn’t it make your heart sing. I have never used it in my house but I’m definitely starting to think about it. Also called teal, depending on which version you look at, it’s the Dulux colour of the year for 2014.

Bayside Bedroom
Bayside Bedroom from

With walls like that every day would feel like summer wouldn’t it?

If you’re scared by this vibrant colour, and I have to admit that I am a little bit, take note of the room above. All the colours remain very neutral so that bright turquoise doors really pop out and hold the space together.

The same trick has been done in this kitchen where the strong blue walls and units are paired with a simple wooden floor.

teal living room

It’s great with a pop of muted coral isn’t it?

industrial kitchen teal wall from
industrial kitchen teal wall from

But I could definitely get used to the idea of teal in an industrial style kitchen.

Design Candy: Munch On These Monochromatic Delights

This is a very pretty and soft version of ocean green.

Here it has been beautifully matched with natural wood and a cowhide rug. It’s a little softer than with the black seen above.

If you want to try this at home (because it’s only paint you can you know) then have a look at Farrow & Ball’s Blue Ground or Dix Blue.

Or what about using tiles?

fired earth paris cabaret tiles
fired earth paris cabaret tiles

These are from the Fired Earth Paris range and would be wonderful in a bathroom.

For more sea green have a look at my Pinterest board






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  1. Oh yes, teal, turquoise or ocean blue (everyone call it different) is a beautiful colour. Always reminds me of summer. I think, if whole wall in this colour is too much for someone, small accessories could be a great addition to the room.

  2. You might have converted me to colour with this post. Have a great holiday. Sounds like you’re well overdue a break. Look forward to the ‘best of’ blog posts this month as I’m a relatively new follower. Best wishes, Sophie

  3. This is my favourite colour and I love all the beautiful pictures you found. The colours and finish on the first picture’s walls is breathtaking!

  4. lovely colour – i have rubber floor and Aga in this colour and just bought much stronger paint from Fired Earth in the same zone that I am probably going to have to dilute.

  5. Lovely! I’ve just started wearing my turquoise jewellery again now I’ve got a bit of colour, reminds me of Greece. I’m trying to decide what colour to do my bedroom at the moment, we may have a winner – albeit that I might just do the wardrobes in distressed aquamarine rather than the whole room.

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