Metallic Pendant Lights

authentics lights by josie morris

Just when I thought I was done with copper and the cooler chrome end of the metallic spectrum I find these lights by Josie Morris and suddenly silver looks gorgeous again.

These are called handle lights, for obvious reasons, the soft walnut softens the shades. They’re minimalistic and elegant and you can hang them in clusters or singly. Although the price tag might preclude a cluster for most of us.

josie morris light

They’re from Authentics and cost £299 and while I’m not suggesting we can all afford to spend that much on a light I will say that a) good lighting is far more important than people give it credit for b) buy a good light, get a cheaper table and c) at a client’s house the other day I was almost speechless at the stunning lights in every room.

To be fair the whole house was pretty amazing but she had made a real feature of the lights and they just finished every room off perfectly.

lights by josie morris

Good lighting, it’s like good shoes. You don’t have to but everything looks better if you do.


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