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Monday morning and a little ode to the transformative powers of pink. It’s the new grey. I say that because, just like grey, there is a version of it that will go with every other colour on the spectrum. It’s not a girly colour (and does it matter if it is?) but a warm shade that will liven up a white room, or a grey one as well as a dark one while giving a focal point to a light one.

pink door via lisa dawson
pink door via lisa dawson

Let’s start with this pink door in Lisa Dawson’s daughter’s bedroom. It brings together the wooden bench and the multi-coloured rug in a way that white wouldn’t. And, of course, as we know, a green plant is always wonderful with a dash of pale pink. Pink and green is a classic combination in nature and if you’re stuck wondering how to put colours together then step outside for a moment.

Next is this sublime bathroom from Sarah Akwisombe and I saw a couple of features this weekend saying that millennial pink has now given way to millennial mint. It hasn’t given way but mint, or any version of green is coming through and it works beautifully with pink as we have seen.

pink and green bathroom image via sarah akwisombe
pink and green bathroom image via sarah akwisombe

I am not a fan of the all pastel colour palette, as you will know if you follow me on Instagram, but adding a punch of black to the scheme really gives it a bit more oomph. After all, as readers of my book will remember: Something new, something old, something black and something gold. In any room and in any colour scheme. If we’re being literal, I don’t know what the old is here but the lights are of a vintage style and perhaps there’s an old towel out of shot.

pink and green bathroom belonging to @maxmademedoit and photographed by jemima watts
pink and green bathroom belonging to @maxmademedoit and photographed by jemma watts

Continuing the pink and green and the sublime bathroom of Max Made Me Do It featuring a much stronger green floor which anchors (literally) the space. Note also the presence of black and gold in here. And, for those who ask – see how you can mix and match tiles in colours, shapes and sizes. Don’t be afraid of doing this.

pink door by kasie_barton
pink door by kasie_barton

Another pink door, this time on a landing at the home of Kasie Barton. Yes she could have left it white, but the pink brings so much more to this landing where, in most houses, there isn’t really room for any furniture so you have to find other ways to make it interesting. This is one and it doesn’t have to be pink. Following the red thread theory that we have been discussing in recent days it could be any colour you like or that is in any other part of the house which would provide a link running throughout.

black and pink kitchen via Chelsea @thehousethatblackbuilt
black and pink kitchen via Chelsea @thehousethatblackbuilt

Both Chelsea of @thehousethatblackbuilt and I have pink pantry doors. We found this door in the cellar when we moved in and last year converted it to a sliding door to create more storage space within this tiny room. The pink was left over from painting the back of the shelves and the wall opposite. It brings the room together without having to have too much pink and does make this door a focal point.

pink larder door
pink larder door at

Finally, this wonderful Sebastian Cox x Devol kitchen in the home of gorgeous online store Ingredients London isn’t pink but natural wood with subtle tint in the form of a wash. The worktops are Carrara marble and the walls have been finished in a waterproof Marmorino Venetian plaster finish.

Ingredients London kitchen by devol
Ingredients London kitchen by devol

The island is on wheels so they can move it to the best place to photograph objects for their online store and the colours are perfect to show off the natural wood and copper accessories. I always love dark and dramatic colours but then I see something like and I wonder….

Ingredients London kitchen by devol
Ingredients London kitchen by devol
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  1. Ingredients London are incredibly helpful. Quick to respond and eager to please. They deserve to live somewhere so beautiful and envy making. Their sitting room is south facing so full of warm light.

    As for Max making it….must be very tall people using that bathroom mirror!! The black and pink combination is very 1930’s of course.

    I would like to see the reverse side of your pantry door Kate to view the sliding door fittings. If not possible where did you purchase them please? I know you will have selected well.

  2. I really do love the Pink’s and Janet i agree I think the pinks go beautifully with Oak.
    I also have to say Kate that all the Pink’s you have shown are super man friendly. I think some guys are vary of Pink although I gladly not mine.
    The great point of using the paint within the shelving unit is so lovely and I will be adding this little tip to my cottage restoration.
    Atom Interior Styling

  3. I just love the pale pink accent, that door on the landing is perfect.
    You have blogged about it before and we took the plunge and painted our kitchen walls a very pale pink which tones well with our worktop and oak units.
    I just bought a pale pink tray/basket with low side and punched holes for use at my desk area which looks good against a backdrop of Rob Ryan sage green wallpaper.

  4. I am in LOVE with Ingredients LDN’s kitchen, especially those wide plank floors by Naked Floors, which I’ve discovered have a pale pigment in the finish. My old oak floors went orange when oiled 😱 But I bet these won’t 😍😍😍

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