Monday Inspiration: Beautiful Rooms – Bathroom Special

This weekly collection of rooms has always been a fairly random collection of spaces that have caught my eye during the past seven days – sometimes I try and do a walk-through every room in a house (as it were) and sometimes, often, there are lots of of kitchens. This week, for some reason, I found more bathrooms so decided to turn it into a special edition. That way if you are planning a bathroom, or hope to one day in the future, you can see some very different ideas all in one place that you might be able to take inspiration from.

pink marble bathroom by studio milne image by Carmel King

This first one is the luxury one with its copper bath and pink shower wall. It’s a fairly classic victorian layout but the chimney breast as been repurposed as the shower and it’s a really good idea. We have a bath in front of the fireplace, which looks lovely, but does mean you have to find somewhere else for the shower and it won’t fit in one of those alcoves. It’s very pretty and very clever – you have to look quite closely to see the frameless glass shower screen.

bathroom by andrew jonathan design part of the interior design collective

This is a lovely collection of colours and something that is quite simple in layout so it might be easier to reproduce than the first one. Never underestimate the power of a coloured bath and the half-painted tiled wall. This is simple and very effective.

splinterworks bath ensuite by studio milne part of the idc
splinterworks bath ensuite by studio milne part of the interior design collective

I’ve included two from this room as I thought it was worth seeing how it connected to the bedroom. This bath is by Splinterworks (and if you have to ask how much etc…) and there are matching basins. The black sanitaryware and mirrors contrast beautifully with the soft wood and pale pink of the room next door.

Note also how the shower has been positioned next to the bath with a glass screen protecting it from the basins. This is one of the most vexed issues for most of us – can we fit in a walk-in shower or does it have to be over the bath. Or do we have to choose between the two?

splinterworks bath ensuite by studio milne part of the idc
splinterworks bath ensuite by studio milne part of the interior design collective

Sometimes, instead of a glass screen you can make a feature of the shower screen as below with the crittal style black frame. Check, before you buy, that it’s sheer glass on the inside otherwise you’ll be for ever cleaning soap scudge of the ledges and cleaning each individual pane will put you off the crittal effect quicker than you can say why-did-I-blow-the-budget-on-these.

On another note look at the different tiles in this room. There is no rule that says you have to have matching ones throughout and here the more expensive Claybrook Studio patterned ones have been mixed with a classic subway tile laid herringbone, which is a good way to work within a budget.

patterned tiles from claybrook studio in the bathroom of lucy j whitehouse
patterned tiles from claybrook studio in the bathroom of lucy j whitehouse

Here is a gorgeous bathroom which a shower over and if this is your option make sure you do what they have done here -a bath with straight sides will give you more space to stand under the shower – especially if (not the case here) the shower is at one end. This may make less comfortable lounging than an angled end but you will have to see which one you do more off – bathe or shower and choose accordingly.

grey and white bathroom of @homeiswherethepackis

Couldn’t do a bathroom special without including one of my favourites and another very different look from the ones above. Tongue and groove panels are cheap (I have used them in a bathroom before) and you can paint it as often as you can be bothered. Wallpaper is in fine in a well-ventilated bathroom with a window. Avoid if you don’t have a window as it will just be too steamy and it won’t last as the corners will eventually start to curl up.

farrow and ball treron as seen in the bathroom of Melanie Lissack
farrow and ball treron as seen in the bathroom of Melanie Lissack

Finally, another different style – exposed brick. This is warmed up by the striped Roman Blind and wood panelling – which may well be tiles that look like wood – also more practical.

the water monopoly bath at the artists residence
the water monopoly bath at the artists residence

So there you have it – eight bathrooms, eight very different looks. I hope you can take inspiration for your own bathrooms from here.




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  1. I can’t believe the beauty of the bathtubs. What wonderful designs. The combination of the Palace baths with contemporary design is so well expressed. I’m guessing users would prefer bohemian and traditional towels in these bathrooms.
    I’m very impressed with the blog and the photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. They are pretty but obviously not for someone who doesn’t have a housekeeper. The shiny copper would look terrible with water stains. So would the glass wall. And I would not want to stoop over to wipe out that deep tub. Some things that look amazing in photos would be disastrous IRL.
    I remember on one of my early trips to France, staying at the childhood home of a friend. I had no idea how to deal with the bath/shower that had no shower curtain. I was informed that you put about an inch of hot water in the tub (not to sit on a frigid surface) and then sit down to take your shower.

    1. Modern acrylic baths maintain the heat very well, so it’s enough to pour warm water from the shower for a few secs and you can sit down (this part is still true).

  3. Wonderful bathrooms. I am looking for a shower head similar to the ones in picture #4 and #5. I live in Germany and have looked every where, so it seems, but haven’t found any. Maybe you know who sells or produces them.

    1. Have you tried Hansgrohe Raindance? I’m sure there are many other options but a place to start nonetheless.

  4. What happened to the monthly newsletters Kate?
    I don’t think I’ve had one this year and I look forward to seeing what else you’ve been up to!

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