Multi-tasking furniture for Small Spaces


These rather clever stools and side tables are made by a London-based design studio called the Baker Street Boys. They dropped into my inbox last week and I think the pieces are clever. They are billed as multi-tasking and I haven’t quite worked out if that’s because you can sit on them as well as use them as tables or if it’s because they have several surfaces.

marble and steel table by bakerstreet boys

The idea is that you can store books, coffee and perhaps a computer all on the same piece of furniture which, say the Boys makes it perfect for those living in smaller spaces. At first glance the furniture is rather industrial with the chunky wooden tops and steel bases but there are also slimmer versions in marble and perspex so you can probably find a combination to suit most interiors.

the line bar stool by the baker street boys

I like the bar stools and judging by how often I am asked by clients to source kitchen bar stools, these should be a welcome addition to what is currently available. That little flipped up footrest is clever.


The Baker Street Boys are Arek Glanowski and Tomasz Danielec and they source as much of their materials as they can from environmentally and sustainable sources and used British and European craftsmen to make their furniture.


In an interview with The Standard last year,  Tomasz, who trained as an architect, said the coffee table was designed originally for himself so that he could have his coffee right next to him on the sofa without having to bend forward and down to a more traditional table. He added that they are hoping to introduce a pick and mix service so you can choose with top goes with which base.


What do you think? I love the table above which would fit into my loft rather well – coffee on the top feet on the bottom and I like the bar stools too. If you are in London you can see the side tables on the fourth floor as well as these rather gorgeous serving board which are coming into the store next week.


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