New Collections and Trends from Paris Deco Off 2023

Something a little different for you this Monday as I have just returned from a two day trip to Paris for Deco Off. This is the time of year when the fabric houses show off their new collections, alongside the furniture trade fair, Maison et Objet, which runs at the same time outside the City. Now while it’s for buyers and designers, the world’s press also descends in search of a trend story.

the fabric draped shops of paris deco off
the fabric draped shops of paris deco off – this fabric is by johnstons of elgin

I’m not going to give you that as I think it’s impossible to spot a trend just from fabrics. If you are looking at books of wallpaper the key may lie in the furniture used in the photograph rather than the paper itself. And, of course, you need to visit Maison to see what shapes and designs are being showcased there alongside the fabric.

laura gonzales with schumacher
laura gonzales with schumacher

So this is, necessarily, a snapshot. But I shared much of it on instagram stories, which of course, disappear after 24 hours and had many requests to save them for longer inspection. So some of the highlights will go here and I’ll save the rest into highlights over there.

textiles from transylvanian firm mindtheg

And remember, trends is not about decor-shaming – as The Mad Husband often says – being offended is optional, but simply about inviting you to the conversation so you know what’s being talked about. Choosing to take part is up to you. No-one should ever feel under pressure to use a certain colour or decorate a certain way. But knowing what’s out there, especially if you have been looking for a specific thing can be helpful. It’s the same in fashion – I spent years looking for a brown jumper a few years ago when none were to be had. Now they’re all over the place.

atelier vime makes beautiful rattan homewares and sells vintage furniture too
atelier vime makes beautiful rattan homewares and sells vintage furniture too

That said, as you look at these pictures you may spot a theme or an emerging style. Someone else may spot something different. And what you see may also depend on your mood when you are looking at it. At the end of the first day I remarked that I had seen a lot of blue and very little green. As I was editing these photos to show you I noticed almost no blue and lots of green.

kitchen inspiration from Diptyque who are making candle holders from waste wax

For those who want a star to steer by I would say that there are lots of warm colours, yes some acids (think Designers Guild if that’s your jam) but I didn’t see many cool shades. Lots of florals fewer geometrics and those that are there tend to be asymmetric or imperfect rather than precise straight lines. There was defintely an emphasis of quality, handmade, and reviving artisanal designs as well as a look back to the archives to reinvent existing patterns and ideas. Is nostalgia a trend or is it simply where we go when the present is tough and scary?

laura gonzales and schumacher were showing all the warm tones

And leopard? Still there, still part of the conversation but sharing the microphone now with tiger and leopard. In short – work out what you like and someone will be stocking it. Unless, perhaps it’s grey. That’s becoming harder to spot.

zebra sofa from the socialite family with cushions in collaboration with ladoublej
zebra sofa from the socialite family with cushions in collaboration with ladoublej

There is, of course, always the crossover between home and fashion. The image below was taken in India Mahdavi’s shop. I have just painted my spare room in a similar colour and my hotel bathroom was the same. But what is more unexpected is the emergence of lilac, or lavender with it. Shortly after leaving this store we walked past a branch of Cos which was showing a hoodie in this exact shade of lilac in the window.

india mahdavi
india mahdavi

Now if you wear this shade, which is very pretty and flattering, you might not want to pair it with such a bold colour like like this tan/orange but it works beautifully in interiors. There’s a reason why I always suggest visiting a clothes shop if you looking for colour inspiration. Scrolling up through this post I see it with blue in the Laura Gonzales room and mixed with lots of greens and blues in the Mind the Gap cushions.

the window at pierre frey

So Trends? I’ve seen a few but then again, too few to mention. It’s about a case of anything goes.


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  1. Love having a look at what the designers are doing – thanks Kate for taking us on a virtual tour. Must confess I have a jumper in that lilac shade which I’ve long worn with brown/tan trousers (and a flash of a dark green belt), and it often gets a comment. One of my favourite colour combinations

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