New Wallpaper from Romo by Jessica Zoob

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Jessica’s Zoob’s paintings have been turned into wallpaper and fabric for Romo

The contemporary impressionist, Jessica Zoob has launched a range of wallpaper and fabrics based on her paintings. Jessica’s paintings have been recreated into wallpaper and fabric for the Romo Black Edition, one of six design studios run by Romo.

wallpaper, linen and velvet
wallpaper, linen and velvet

One of Jessica’s works Passion, is a series of six paintings that have been selected, amongst others, for the cushion range. The series reflects the seasons of a relationship: Spring brings a sense of anticipation; Summer is full of energy and colour; Autumn can bring tempestuous storms; while Winter feels crisp and still.

“If you’re lucky,” says Jessica, “Spring will always come round again.”

The Black Edition is one of six design studios run by Romo
The Black Edition is one of six design studios run by Romo

The fabric and wallcovering collection features six of Zoob’s paintings, with further works translated into a range of cushions. With state of the art digital printing the paintings are recreated on linen, soft cotton velvet and a wide-width, lightweight linen, with care given to capturing the individual brushstrokes and layers of paint.

great care has been taken to reproduce the brush strokes
great care has been taken to reproduce the brush strokes

The wallcovering designs retain the impressive scale of the originals and most of them are printed on two 70 cm wide rolls which fit together creating a design which is 140cm wide.

Last year I wrote a post about garden lighting and Jessica popped up in the comments section to say she had some similar lights in her garden. The picture was so gorgeous I added it to the blog and here it is again.

jessica zoobs garden
festoon lighting in Jessica’s garden

Frankly who wouldn’t want wallpaper designed by someone whose garden looks like this?







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  1. Nice! Makes me think a little bit of French artist Claire Basler. She also does lovely textiles…

  2. Absolutely beautiful, even without seeing her garden I would love her wallpaper on my walls and some of her cushions casually adding spring to the rooms in the house

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