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Objects of Design: Valet Chair

3rd June 2014
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I came across this beautiful chair at Clerkenwell Design Week. It’s by Bim Burton and is a modern take on the valet chair by Hans Wegner.

hans wegner valet chair

hans wegner valet chair

Wegner designed the Valet following a conversation with an architect about the best way to hang one’s clothes at night. As you can see the seat lifts up so you can drape trousers over it and that reveals a space underneath where you can put wallet, spare change etc. These days it’s made by PP Mobler  in Denmark and costs (wait for it) £6,695.

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But Bim has made his own version and, I have to say I rather prefer it. I saw the curved back from across the room and was immediately drawn to it. It also costs a rather more reasonable £1,400.

The beautiful curved back reminds me of a musical instrument and Bim told me that he is thinking of making a guitar chair similar to the valet chair. He didn’t tell me any more than that so we’ll have to wait and see what he comes up with but I’m hoping for something where you can store the music and stand the guitar and then sit down and play it. I don’t even play the guitar but I want this chair already.

Another of his pieces which was a great success at CDW was the low petal table, a contemporary twist on the Alvar Aalto stools. His cost £90.

petal table by bim burton

petal table by bim burton


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