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Objects Of Design #215: My Big Teapot

1st October 2012
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A teapot and cosy all wrapped into one

It’s Autumn and the nights are drawing in. At the end of the month the clocks will go back and we will be once again plunged into Winter darkness. So this month, Objects Of Design, brings you all you need to get cosy for the long months ahead. Light the fire (or crank up the radiators) and prepare to nest.

This is one of those clever ideas that you wonder why no-one thought of it before. But, as is so often the case it takes a clever Scandi to marry form and function so perfectly. This Eva Solo teapot comes with its own, dashingly handsome, tea cosy. If  The Killing’s Sarah Lund were a teapot this is what she would look like.

For the practically-minded among you, the teapot is dishwasher safe and the jumper can go in the washing machine.

www.innes.co.uk £79


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