365 Objects Of Design, In the Light, Volume II

Objects of Design #235: Pressed Steel Light

22nd October 2013
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How about this for a bit of Industrial Glamour? Made from pressed steel, this lotus light has a rich burnished finish. It’s available in three sizes (costing between £120 and £250) and would look great hanging either singly or in a group of three.

Points to Laura at Uniche Interior Furnishings for also including a picture of the ceiling rose. If you do go for three, make sure you hang them at different heights as in the top picture, although I appreciate that that is a serious financial commitment.

Having said that, the large one measures 55cm in width so it’s more than big enough to hold its own over a dining table and the smallest one at 25cm could hang low over a coffee table.

pendant lights in sitting room

pendant lights in sitting room

I don’t have an overhead pendant light in my sitting room – it’s a room for reading, watching television or chatting and I don’t need a bright light for any of those things. But, I am quite taken by the idea of hanging a pendant light low at either end of the sofa. It’s a bit different from the norm and also frees up the floor, which is an old visual trick for making a space look bigger.

white sitting room with added pendant lighting

white sitting room with added pendant lighting

Now, I couldn’t find the image I wanted but I did discover a way of drawing it. I appreciate it’s not very expertly done but I was having such fun I wanted to include it. And you get the (very rough) idea of what I mean.

It’s often used in bathrooms where a wall-hung basin allows you to see more floor and tricks the eye into thinking the space is bigger than it is. It’s also a good idea for bedrooms if there’s no room for a bedside table.


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