In the Light

Objects of Design #244: Clamp on Brass Task Lamp

brass task lamp by uniche interior furnishings We end this series of Objects of Design with this beautiful task lamp which does, as they say, tick all my boxes. The mix of brass, wood and a chunky clamp makes it a real piece of industrial glamour. brass task lamp detail It is available from one of

Objects of Design #243: Five Knitted Lampshades

grey knitted lampshades from rockett st george
If the colour palette in your house is quite simple and consists, perhaps, of only two or three colours then you need to make sure you introduce variety with lots of different textures. knitted lampshade from Holly's House for £275 So when I saw these knitted lampshades I was immediately taken by them. And then

Objects of Design #242: Tall Table Lamp

tall wooden table lamp from mia fleur
tall table lamp from mia fleur for £68 When I saw this light I suddenly understood what it is I look for in a table lamp. The answer is height. I have one very similar to this in silver and it's absolutely my favourite lamp in the room. Of which there are six to choose

Objects of Design #241: Pigeon Light

grey pigeon light
white pigeon light by Ed Carpenter. image from This falls into the category of one of those lights that I shall never own but will always secretly want. I shall never own it because HO (him outdoors) is somewhat bird phobic and would collapse in horror every time he saw it. grey pigeon light

Objects of Design #240: Light Switches

dolly toggle light switches brass light switches
dolly toggle light switches "The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things ... " only this time it's not cabbages and kings but light switches and things. As this lighting series of objects of design draws to a close, we have spent time not only looking at lighting, but also at

Objects of Design #238: Kind of Magic Light

kind of magic lamp by black and blum
kind of magic lamp by black and blum €78 Who doesn't want a little bit of magic in their home and this is such a great light. Used (boringly) hanging from the ceiling it's a simple pendant lamp. But you can invert it so the ceiling rose becomes a stand and it appears to stay

Objects of Design #237: Watt Lighting

industrial style lighting from waterworks
watt lighting by Aren't these great? Inspired by the insulators on telephones they really are true to the notion of industrial style. They come in both pendant and wall mounted styles and, as you can see from the image, in a choice of colours. They're available from US brand Waterworks who were at Decorex

Objects of Design #236: Five Task Lights

Five Industrial Task Lights Task lights, reading lamps, desk lights, call them what you will, you need some. Creating the right lighting in a room is about adding layers that can be used in different combinations. Sometimes an overhead, sometimes a gentle wall light, sometimes a few table and floor lamps. Or combinations of all

Objects of Design #235: Pressed Steel Light

lotus light from uniche interior furnishings How about this for a bit of Industrial Glamour? Made from pressed steel, this lotus light has a rich burnished finish. It's available in three sizes (costing between £120 and £250) and would look great hanging either singly or in a group of three. Points to Laura at Uniche

Objects of Design #234: Copper and Silk Lighting

bespoke lampshades by Copper and Silk in the ASOS canteen Having been quite cross about cluster lighting last week I now find I am forced to nibble slightly round the edge of my words as I then found this. Or should that be these? They were made to order by Copper and Silk for the

Objects of Design #233: Bespoke English Lighting

Bronze conical pendant light from Given the importance of lighting to the overall scheme (have you been paying attention?) sometimes it's worth considering throwing a little more at a statement piece that will really bring a room together. hanging bell pendant light copper from This is from I&JL Brown, who set up their

Objects of Design #232: Wooden Lampshades

No 1 pendant light by Tom Raffield This beautiful steam bent wooden shade has been sculpted with 80 metres of wood. I'll just pause for a minute to let that information sink in. Choose from ash, oak or walnut Right, ready? Each one is individually made (in Cornwall) and they look stunning both on and

Objects of Design #231: Extendable Wall Lights

image from Kitchen lighting tends towards the unimaginative. Most of us plump for downlighters and leave it at that. And, most of the time there's nothing wrong with that. image from After all you need a task lamp. It needs to be out of the way and it needs to provide the best

Objects of Design #230: Sebastian Drop Light

  Sebastian 7 drop ceiling light from john lewis I love the idea of a cluster light. In a modern home where a chandelier might be too much of a cliche - and too much of a price, the idea of a group of lamps at differing heights is both unusual and pretty. The lights

Objects of Design #229: Five Lampshades

Five finds from Sometimes a stunning lampshade is the easiest, most effective (and cheapest) way to go. If you just want an easy solution, although beware - there is so much choice out there it may be overwhelming, or, perhaps more likely, you've spent the money on a new chair/table/pair of shoes and you

Objects of Design #228: Tine K Plisse Silk Lampshade

plisse silk lampshade from idyll home This beautiful, but very simple, lampshade is made by Tine K (owner of another of my dream homes ) and is a classic example of how a simple piece, made from a luxurious fabric, can become something room-changing. In fact, if you look closely at the post of Tine's

Objects of Design #227: Soft Spun Large Wall Light

soft spun wall iight by Sebastian Wrong for Flos avaiable from Panik Design Now if I hadn't had to have something as utterly tedious as a door to get into my sitting room, this is the light I would have had instead. Unfortunately by the time the furniture was in there wasn't an awful lot

Objects of Design #226: Red Velvet Lamp

red velvet lamp from chloe james lifestyle Isn't this a beauty? Sticking with the cosy theme from yesterday, this rather elegant ceramic lamp has a matt red velvet shade, which is an unusual choice and I think it really works. inlay bedside cabinet from chloe james lifestyle if your interiors tend towards the monochrome or

Objects of Design #225: Copper Tea Light Seed Pods

copper tea light holders from maud interiors I don't often go mad for a tealight holder but these really caught my eye. Maybe it's because I spent a large chunk of yesterday afternoon tramping through the autumn leaves in the pouring rain. Maybe it's because there's a distinct chill in the air now. Maybe it's

Objects of Design #224: Glass Lamp Shades

stemmed chandelier from curiousa and curiousa Yesterday we looked at all those beautiful light bulbs that are currently having a bit of a fashion moment and today it made sense to follow that with some gorgeous glass lamp shades which would set off one of those bulbs perfectly. smoked grey vessel light by Decode from