365 Objects Of Design, Five Finds, In the Light, Volume II

Objects of Design #243: Five Knitted Lampshades

30th October 2013
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If the colour palette in your house is quite simple and consists, perhaps, of only two or three colours then you need to make sure you introduce variety with lots of different textures.

knitted lampshade from hollyshouse

knitted lampshade from Holly’s House for £275

So when I saw these knitted lampshades I was immediately taken by them. And then I started looking for more. And then we ended up with a Five Finds post.

knitted lights from hollys house

knitted lights from holly’s house for £155

These come with a lovely large bulb, which won’t get too hot, and you can hang them in a cluster or drape them over the back of the chair or whatever you like.

grey knitted lampshades from rockett st george

grey knitted lampshades from rockett st george for £24

These ones are a touch more affordable at only £24 and in fashionable grey too. The grey carpet in my spare room has this sort of pattern and, come to think of it, I need a new shade in there. I think I would buy a pink braided cable to go with it. To match the pink fireplace.

knitted lampshade by naomi paul

knitted lampshade by naomi paul

Naomi Paul makes stunning shades from knitting and crochet. This is a beautiful shade of mustard yellow, which, I have just been informed, is going to be one of the most important colours of 2014. Remember you heard it here first.

grey knitted lampshade by naomi paul

grey knitted lampshade by naomi paul

Although, obviously I can’t resist showing it to you in grey too.

knitted lampshades by deryn relph

knitted lampshades by deryn relph

I also love these bright knitted shades from textile designer Deryn Relph, whom I interviewed last year. Many of her pieces are one-offs and all are original. Her cushions are available at Not on the High Street but contact her for details about one of these beautiful knitted lampshades.

Finally we can’t have a post on knitting without including Melanie Porter. Here is her rather lovely Dot cluster shade, with a splash more mustard.

knitted lampshades by melanie porter

Dot: knitted lampshades by melanie porter £510



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  • gillian ponticelli 30th October 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Having just found this site after looking for thistle wallpaper, I love it. I will continue to view and use lots of the ideas to create our home. x many thanks

    • Kate Watson-Smyth 30th October 2013 at 12:37 pm

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. Do drop by again soon. Kate

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